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Strayer MKt506 week 1-4 discussions




Question;Week 1 Discussion 1;Integrated Marketing Communication;and the Marketing Approach" Please;respond to the following;Consider the traditional definition of;marketing and contrast it with integrated marketing communication. Determine;what factors led to this change and speculate how the changes impacted;business.;From the e-Activity, consider the content;of the advertisement you selected and ascertain what marketing approach is best;suited for the advertisement. Pretend the intent of this advertisement, as you;interpret it, would have been accomplished 15 years ago and discuss what would;have been different about the advertisement and why."Integrated Marketing;Communication and the Marketing Approach? Please respond to the following;Week 1 Discussion 2;Marketing Strategy " Please;respond to the following;Reflect on the process of developing a;marketing strategy and identify which step would be the most challenging for;you to accomplish and what can be done to mitigate this challenge.;Using the Promotional Process Model and;steps in developing a marketing strategy, revise the model adding one;additional component that establishes significance of the most important;component of the marketing strategy. Discuss the component you highlighted in;the model and its significance to the integrated approach of marketing.;Week 2 Discussion 1;The Team" Please respond to the;following;Evaluate the role of the various players in;the integrated marketing process and how these roles make integrated;communication possible. Discuss if integrated marketing communication would;work in all types of organizations.;Consider each of these roles and identify;which one you deem to be the most important role and which role you would like;to fill if you could within your firm. Provide a rationale with your response.;Week 2 Discussion 2;To Buy Or Not to Buy" Please;respond to the following;Reflect upon a time when you purchased an;expensive item. Discuss the factors that led you to make the decision to;purchase this item and how you felt pre- and post-purchase. Assess how well the;psychological process explored in this text aligns with what you experienced.;Ascertain how, if at all, the hierarchy of needs (Maslow?s) was satisfied for;you with this purchase.;Based on the factors that led to your;decision to purchase the item you shared above, complete the following;sentence. If the marketing advisors would have been done ______ differently, I;would have not purchased the item. Explain your response.;Week 3 Discussion 1;The Messenger " Please respond;to the following;Assume you have a product you need to;create an advertisement for. Using the first four components of the;communication model, create an advertisement for the product. Provide a written;explanation for each component. Provide a graphical presentation for this;advertisement. Be sure to identify what the product is.;Online students should review classmates?;posts and on-ground students can respond in class to the following: Speculate;who the receiver or decoder of the advertisement is likely to be. In addition;identify one area of improvement for the advertisement and one where the;student did very well using terminology and concepts discussed in the textbook.;Week 3 Discussion 2;Major Factors " Please respond;to the following;Present an argument that supports one of;the following factors of the communication process that you deem to be the most;significant in integrated marketing communication? the source, the message, or;the channel. Based on what you identified to be the most significant factor;discuss the implications to you as a decision maker on advertisements.;From the e-Activity, using the concepts you;have studied up to this point, reconstruct the message of the ad you selected.;Discuss how your revision improves upon the original. Start the discussion with;a brief description of the advertisement.;Week 4 Discussion 1;Budget Matters " Please respond;to the following;Analyze what specific objectives you as a;marketer would establish for advertising and promotion. Determine what criteria;would need to be met in order for the objectives to be considered valid.;Discuss one major issue that marketers are faced with when establishing a;marketing budget and how it can be properly addressed.;Distinguish between S-shaped response model;and the rapidly diminishing returns model. Then, indicate what this means to a;marketer. Determine what type of product(s) is best used for each and how a;marketer can plan.;Week 4 Discussion 2;The International Market;Please respond to the following;Consider the fact that many multinational;companies (MNC) are expanding into China and assess whether you would make the;same decisions if you were the leader of an MNC. Analyze the factors that led;to your decision.;Generate three criteria you would use to;help you identify cultural variables that marketers must consider in developing;advertising and promotional programs. Select one of the variables and discuss;how the variable can create a problem or challenge for your company, and what;you would do to mitigate the issue.


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