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MSSU Mkt330 Week 10 assignment




Question;Writing;Assignment Week 11 Product Life Cycle (PLC);Possible;Points = 30;Content: Did the student provide all of the;following information? (16pts);?;Provided background on topic;selected using text book. (The product life cycle (p. 362) and the 4 ways to;extend the product life cycle (p. 366).;?;Discussed, from the website, the;BBQ sauce products available.;?;Gave four specific;suggestions on how to extend the product life cycle of the BBQ products. Use a specific example for each of the four;ways to extend the PLC.;0;Focus (6pts);?;Did the student make clear;specific references to the reading?;?;Did the majority of comments;include specific details?;?;Were the comments;well-supported?;0;Followed;Instructions (5pts);?;Work was not late.;?;Turned in as requested in;assignment instructions.;?;Introduction, body, and;conclusion.;0;Writing and;Language (3pts);?;Comments are articulate and;show a high level of thought.;?;Writing is well-organized;unified, and error-free.;?;Included the citation for the;references in the proper format.;0;Total Points;0;Deduction for Late Work;(Minimum 50% of total);Writing Assignment Week 11;0;Comments


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