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Question;QUESTION 1;1. ____ includes any attempt to intentionally conduct;dishonest activities online.;a.;Online;fraud;b.;Online spam;c.;Digital identity theft;d.;Racketeering;e.;Online bribery;2 points;QUESTION 2;1. ____ are audio or video files that can be;downloaded from the Internet with a subscription that automatically delivers;new content to listening devices or personal computers.;a.;Podcasts;b.;Virtual realities;c.;Wikis;d.;Photo-sharing;e.;Blogs;2 points;QUESTION 3;1. Fan pages use ____ to help companies keep track of;information on who is becoming a fan of their page.;a.;sensors;b.;widgets;c.;rewards;d.;pop-ups;e.;wookies;2 points;QUESTION 4;1. JC Penney's website encourages visitors to register;in order to maximize their use of the site. By gathering information about a;consumer before a purchase is made, JC Penney is practicing;a.;interactivity.;b.;social networking.;c.;addressability.;d.;accessibility.;e.;control.;2 points;QUESTION 5;1. A(n) ____ channel provides the opportunity for a;marketer to customize promotions.;a.;linked;b.;accessible;c.;controlled;d.;marketing;e.;addressable;2 points;QUESTION 6;1. Digital media such as blogs allow marketers to;interact with prospective customers in;a.;real time.;b.;friendly environment.;c.;an assertive manner.;d.;person.;e.;a non-threatening environment.;2 points;QUESTION 7;1. A LinkedIn profile resembles;a.;class notes;b.;a resume;c.;a photo album;d.;an address book;e.;a book review;2 points;QUESTION 8;1. According to Nielsen Marketing Research, consumers;spend more time on ____ than e-mail.;a.;Google;b.;video sharing sites;c.;shopping sites;d.;social networking sites;e.;blogs;2 points;QUESTION 9;1. The ability of a marketer to identify customers;before they make a purchase is called;a.;interactivity.;b.;connectivity.;c.;control.;d.;addressability.;e.;accessibility.;2 points;QUESTION 10;1. IHOP is active on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in;order to communicate with its customers, conduct a video contest, and generally;find out the customers? likes and dislikes. IHOP in this example, is;engaging in ____ marketing.;a.;community;b.;relationship;c.;experiential;d.;distance;e.;multiple-phase;2 points;QUESTION 11;1. Northface launched a promotional campaign using;various forms of digital media. In order to evaluate the success of the;campaign, Northface should;a.;measure profitability during and after the;campaign.;b.;look at sales for a year after the campaign.;c.;measure demand during and after the campaign.;d.;measure sales and profitability after the;campaign was launched.;e.;compare sales before and after the campaign was;launched.;2 points;QUESTION 12;1. One of the fastest-growing areas in mobile;technology is the creation of ____ that help consumers to access more;information about businesses;a.;cookies;b.;applications (apps);c.;speed dials;d.;widgets;e.;texts;2 points;QUESTION 13;1. CarFax wants to know which social networking sites;drive the most traffic to the CarFax website. The best way to gain this;information is through;a.;an independent analysis.;b.;research conducted by the various social;networks.;c.;a digital media measurement system.;d.;monitoring the Disney website for a year.;e.;a simple random survey.;2 points;QUESTION 14;1. Which of the following characteristics distinguish;online media from traditional marketing?;a.;Experience, networking, and personal contact;b.;Environment, responsiveness, customization, and;affordability;c.;Addressability, interactivity, accessibility;connectivity, and control;d.;Dynamic responsiveness, control, friendliness;and attention-getting;e.;Social networking, personal contacts, control;and salesmanship;2 points;QUESTION 15;1. Consumers who act as ____ are becoming increasingly;important to online marketers as a conduit for addressing consumers directly.;a.;collectors;b.;critics;c.;spectators;d.;creators;e.;joiners;2 points;QUESTION 16;1. ____ relates to perceptions of value and is the;most flexible element of the marketing mix.;a.;Pricing;b.;Store location;c.;Distribution;d.;Promotion;e.;Product mix;2 points;QUESTION 17;1. Due to consumer concerns over privacy, the ____ is;considering regulations that would limit the amount of consumer information;that marketers can gather online;a.;Better Business Bureau;b.;Consumer Protection Agency;c.;Internet Protection Agency;d.;Federal Trade Commission;e.;technology division of the Federal government;2 points;QUESTION 18;1. An advantage of the arbitrary approach for;determining the advertising appropriation is that it is;a.;profitable.;b.;objective.;c.;expedient.;d.;unique.;e.;effective.;2 points;QUESTION 19;1. Danielle Robinson, account representative for EXpert;Advertising, tells D'Orazio Tile Products that she is proposing to use 5;full-page, four-color ads in home-decorating magazines to achieve an increase;in consumer and builder inquiries of 15 percent. This approach is an example of;which of the following methods of determining advertising expenditure levels?;a.;Percent of sales;b.;Arbitrary;c.;Affordability;d.;Competitive parity;e.;Objective-and-task;2 points;QUESTION 20;1. Dan is responsible for developing the promotional;campaign for Under Armour?s new line of footwear for teens. He will be;writing advertising campaign objectives that are aimed at making the target;customers' attitudes more favorable toward Under Armour, which should be stated;in ____ terms.;a.;communication;b.;market;c.;demand;d.;survey;e.;sales;2 points;QUESTION 21;1. Coors advertises that its beer is the only one that;is kept cold from the brewery to the store. This type of advertising is called;a.;pioneer.;b.;defensive.;c.;institutional.;d.;competitive.;e.;comparative.;2 points;QUESTION 22;1. Recognition and recall tests are posttest methods;based on;a.;memory.;b.;preferences.;c.;in-depth interviews.;d.;mail surveys.;e.;inquiries.;2 points;QUESTION 23;1. Artwork, a major part of most advertisements;consists of the;a.;layout and the signature.;b.;illustration and type of print used in the;headlines.;c.;method by which all the components are put;together.;d.;illustration and the signature.;e.;illustration and the layout.;2 points;QUESTION 24;1. Tercile Products Company advertises a specific;product heavily, and Carbone Products Company wants to offset the effects of;that advertising. In this case, Carbone would most likely employ;advertising.;a.;institutional;b.;target;c.;competitive;d.;primary;e.;pioneer;2 points;QUESTION 25;1. Parisian Dry Cleaners airs a series of radio ads;that claim, "We are the fastest dry cleaners in town." This campaign;would best be described as ____ advertising.;a.;target;b.;pioneer;c.;institutional;d.;comparative;e.;product;2 points;QUESTION 26;1. If during an advertising campaign a certain portion;of advertising runs continuously, and then during specific periods additional;advertising is used to intensify the level of communication, a(n) ____ media;schedule is being used.;a.;flighting;b.;continuous with emphasis;c.;beating;d.;pulsing;e.;alternating;2 points;QUESTION 27;1. Before launching a new advertising campaign;marketers for Healthy Choice frozen dinners must determine the selling points;that they want to include in the advertisements. The identification and;organization of these selling points is called the;a.;advertising objective.;b.;advertising budget.;c.;objective-and-task approach.;d.;advertising appropriation.;e.;advertising platform.;2 points;QUESTION 28;1. Which of the following is the most commonly;used type of publicity-based public relations tool?;a.;Captioned photograph;b.;Press conference;c.;News release;d.;Letter to the editor;e.;Feature article;2 points;QUESTION 29;1. The first stage in the development of any;advertising campaign is;a.;identifying the advertising target audience.;b.;setting the budget.;c.;creating the advertising platform.;d.;defining the advertising objectives.;e.;creating the message.;2 points;QUESTION 30;1. The ?Got milk?? print campaign is advertising that;stimulates demand for a(an) ____, known as ____ advertising.;a.;product category, institutional;b.;brand category, pioneer;c.;product category, pioneer;d.;product, comparative;e.;product brand, competitive;2 points;QUESTION 31;1. The last stage in the development of any;advertising campaign is;a.;creating the advertising platform.;b.;developing the media plan.;c.;creating the advertising message.;d.;evaluating the effectiveness of advertising.;e.;defining the advertising objectives.;2 points;QUESTION 32;1. Soft drink companies advertise that their products;beat the competition in national "taste tests," and they refer to the;rival brands by name. This type of advertising is best described as;a.;pioneer.;b.;comparative.;c.;competitive.;d.;selective.;e.;defensive.;2 points;QUESTION 33;1. Tropicana orange juice has a television commercial;where a young boy is drinking orange juice at dinner. He remarks that he;likes the great taste of Tropicana anytime. The element of the commercial;that focuses on drinking orange juice at dinner would be best classified;as ________, while the focus on the great taste of Tropicana would be best;classified as ___.;a.;product advertising, institutional;b.;pioneer advertising, competitive advertising;c.;comparative advertising, informative advertising;d.;comparative advertising, competitive advertising;e.;institutional advertising, stimulating primary;demand;2 points;QUESTION 34;1. After the target audience for an advertising;campaign has been identified and analyzed, marketers should then proceed by;a.;defining the advertising objectives.;b.;developing a media plan.;c.;determining the financial resources available.;d.;creating the advertising platform.;e.;creating an advertising message.;2 points;QUESTION 35;1. In one corner of its magazine advertisement for;office copiers, Lexmark places a small box asking for the names and addresses;of individuals or companies seeking more information. Lexmark has included this;box to facilitate ____ for this communication.;a.;encoding;b.;feedback;c.;perceptual attention;d.;decoding;e.;noise reduction;2 points;QUESTION 36;1. A direct-response information form found in a;magazine advertisement that allows customers to send for more information has a;primary objective of;a.;stimulating demand.;b.;identifying prospects.;c.;encouraging product trial.;d.;creating awareness.;e.;retaining loyal customers.;2 points;QUESTION 37;1. Sara is concerned about the effectiveness of;Magnum, Inc.'s promotional messages, and is seeking an approach with immediate;feedback. Sara is most likely to achieve this through;a.;personal selling.;b.;public relations.;c.;newspaper advertising.;d.;sales promotion.;e.;television advertising.;2 points;QUESTION 38;1. The Barrister's Deli decides to run advertisements;for its lunch specials on a local FM radio station. Marketing research later;reveals that the restaurant's target market listens primarily to satellite;radio stations. This promotion program suffered from an error in the selection;of;a.;shared symbols.;b.;communication channel.;c.;targeted customers.;d.;decoded meanings.;e.;noise minimizers.;2 points;QUESTION 39;1. Promotion can help keep prices lower because;a.;demand for the product does not increase.;b.;promotion tends to reduce consumers' price;sensitivity.;c.;promotion of prices intensifies price;competition.;d.;promotion of prices leads to nonprice;competition.;e.;promotion tends to stabilize a product's price;elasticity of demand.;2 points;QUESTION 40;1. Ralph Lauren is planning a promotion where it will;showcase all of its clothing lines to buyers at retail stores. It also;plans to develop a direct marketing campaign that will use social media to;introduce its new seasonal styles. Ralph Lauren is using ___ with the;retail showcase and ___ with the social media campaign.;a.;personal selling, a pull policy.;b.;a push policy, a pull policy.;c.;guerilla marketing, a push policy.;d.;a pull policy, a push policy.;e.;publicity, a push policy.;2 points;QUESTION 41;1. Chris sees a television commercial for Arby's;promoting its roast beef sandwiches at 5 for $5.95. Later that day he goes to;the nearest Arby's for a roast beef feast, but is told that the special offer;is not available at that location. Arby's seems to lack;a.;communication.;b.;coordinated awareness.;c.;channel capacity.;d.;integrated marketing communications.;e.;promotional efforts.;2 points;QUESTION 42;1. Which is the best example of noise;that originates with the receiver in the communication process?;a.;A mother fails to hear a new commercial for;diapers because her new baby is crying.;b.;Maria has been studying English for two years and;does not understand the symbolism being used in a commercial.;c.;Because of poor printing, Claire cannot read an;advertisement in her local newspaper.;d.;Sarah drives through a tunnel, and her radio;signals become very weak.;e.;Kevin simply tunes out pop-up ads on the Internet;so that they don't even enter his awareness.;2 points;QUESTION 43;1. Cooperative advertising efforts between;manufacturers and retailers demonstrate the promotional objective of;a.;combating competitive promotional efforts.;b.;facilitating reseller support.;c.;retaining loyal customers.;d.;stimulating demand.;e.;reducing sales fluctuations.;2 points;QUESTION 44;1. When a salesperson varies the physical distance;between himself and a customer he is using;a.;kinesic communication.;b.;comfort relations.;c.;personal selling.;d.;tactile communication.;e.;proxemic communication.;2 points;QUESTION 45;1. For many consumers, the pages near the back of;magazines with dozens of very small black and white advertisements exceed their;a.;transmission limitations.;b.;noise limit.;c.;decoding abilities.;d.;threshold of awareness.;e.;channel capacity.;2 points;QUESTION 46;1. Andrea receives an e-mail from her sister-in-law;that is actually a recommendation for a website with a demonstration of a new;home hair-coloring system. She later discovers that her sister-in-law received;a free trial kit for passing Andrea's and four other friends' e-mail addresses;along to the marketer. This is known as;a.;guerilla marketing.;b.;viral marketing.;c.;buzz marketing.;d.;personal advertising.;e.;a word-of-mouth pyramid.;2 points;QUESTION 47;1. Communication through the use of brochures, annual;reports, event sponsorships, and news stores is referred to as;a.;sales promotion.;b.;personal selling.;c.;public relations.;d.;advertising.;e.;publicity.;2 points;QUESTION 48;1. Channel capacity is determined by the;a.;least efficient component of the communication;process.;b.;receiver.;c.;meanings of the message.;d.;most efficient component of the communication;process.;e.;source.;2 points;QUESTION 49;1. A commercial for a weight-loss program that;explains that the customer pays only one dollar for every pound he or she wants;to lose but specifies in fine print that the cost of meals is extra exemplifies;advertising.;a.;unfair;b.;pull;c.;deceptive;d.;illegal;e.;push;2 points;QUESTION 50;1. The Dyson Company, manufacturer of high-priced;vacuum cleaners, has developed a promotional program with both push and pull;policies. Dyson only sells its products through retailers who carry;high-end household electronics items. For the push policy, Dyson will;most likely use ____________, for the pull policy, Dyson will use ___________.;a.;Sales promotion, personal selling done by the;retailer?s employees.;b.;Direct marketing, discounts to the retailer.;c.;A bonus to the retailer for every Dyson vacuum;sold, personal selling done by the retailer?s employees.;d.;Advertising and personal selling, rebates to the;customer.;e.;Personal selling done by the retailer, rebates to;the customer.


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