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The following question involves addressing the Extension of Work




Question;The following question involves addressing the Extension of Work section for an Article Critique. The course is Delivering Superior Customer Value, therefore, at the heart of the assignment this must always be addressed.The article to be analyzed is"Study the Effects of Customer Service and Product Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty"? Discuss the merits and demerits of the article, Strong points and Weak pointso Is it well written? Was the discussion thorough?o What are the limitations of the article?: What did they fail to discuss, are there theories missing that could be applied?*Can the ideas in the article really add value for customers? Why or why not?? How else could what they discussed be applied? What are your recommendations/remedies?... Relative to how they add /create/deliver superior customer valueUltimately, I have my notes and I honestly just want someone else to give me their mindset to see if I am on the right track with my perspective.This is a 1-2 page max. assignment as well. I


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