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Question;In the last unit, you reflected on the product element of the marketing mix. You were asked to present a new product to the CEO. The CEO likes the concept but wants you to come back with a strong pricing strategy. Based on the diagram and information below, discuss your pricing strategy for your new product.Make sure you include pricing objectives, industry conditions, and the pricing strategy you recommend for your product.Try to be as specific as possible and provide the CEO with a recommended price for one single unit.Lastly, create a break-even analysis based on your average sale based on the following numbers:Fixed cost per year ? $500,000Average cost per single unit ? $ this number is provided by you.Variable cost ? 40% of average cost per single unit.Types of pricingCost based pricingDemand based pricingCompetition based pricingValue based pricing strategyMaximizing volume pricingPrestige pricingReference pricingBundle pricingMultiple-unit pricingEDLP pricingOdd-Even pricingCustomary pricingSee Rubric below for Assignment details.For this Assignment, you will be using the PowerPoint narration tool to create your own audiovisual presentation. Once you have done this, you can put this skill on your resume. Audiovisual presentations are used in everything from customer service response, training employees, solving problems in the workplace, explaining instructions to colleagues and responding to stakeholders concerning business issues.You can either record a narration before you run a presentation or record a narration during a presentation and include audience comments in the recording. If you do not want narration throughout the presentation, you can record comments only on selected slides or turn off the narration so that it plays only when you want it to play.You can also use to record your presentation. In this Assignment, you will engage in the development of the following professional competencies:? Verbal? Meet Project DeadlinesSubmit your response in a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 7 slides, using 24-pt. font, to the Unit 7: Assignment Dropbox. ="body">


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