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Question;Question 1In the business market, fax paper, pencils, and office stationery are examples of:maintenance items.operating supplies.accessory equipment.2.5 points Question 2Which of the following products reliesleaston personal selling?Specialty productsShopping productsUnsought productsConvenience products2.5 points Question 3A product _____ is a series of related products offered by one company.assortmentmixlineformula2.5 points Question 4Supermarkets usually display items such as candy, gum, and magazines near the checkout counter because they are:purchased on impulse.easier to replenish.subject to shoplifting.purchased infrequently.2.5 points Question 5A consumer expects to purchase convenience products:without having full knowledge about what is sought.immediately and with minimal effort.after visiting numerous stores and comparing traveling any distance required to get what is wanted.2.5 points Question 6A viable marketing strategy to delay or prevent a dip in sales would be to promote the differences that separate competing products during the _____ stage of the product lifecycle.introductionstabilizationgrowthmaturity2.5 points Question 7The number of product lines a firm offers is referred to as:depth.width.clusters.length.2.5 points Question 8Products marketed to consumers who may not yet recognize a need for them are _____ products.unsoughtimpulseconveniencespecialty2.5 points Question 9Which of the following is likely to classify as both a consumer product as well as a business product?Raw silkIron oreConcrete mixersPrinters2.5 points Question 10In a process called _____, products pass through a series of stages from their initial appearance to their decline.product life potentialpromotional cyclepricing cycleproduct lifecycle


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