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Kaplan MT460 unit 9 discussion




Question;Discussion Topic: Policies and;Organizational Culture;In preparation for this week?s Discussion, your ethical principles will;be tested with a short case study where Duke?s Fuqua School of Business was;under scrutiny in the manner it addressed the ten percent of MBA Program;learners of cheating on a take home test. Another college from New Jersey had a;similar incident with its Chinese-based MBA Program learners for plagiarism.;Read the Test Your Principles, Exhibit 12.3, page 361, article in your text and;respond to the following questions;1.;If you were asked to serve as an Ethics Review Arbitrator, what decision;would you have rendered in support of the Duke University MBA Program learners?;issue? The Centenary College Chinese MBA Program?;2.;In support of your ruling as Ethics Review Arbitrator, explain your key;reasons for your decision.


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