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Question;Kroger supermarkets operate manufacturing facilities that produce everything from aspirin to cottage cheese for sale under the Kroger label. This example shows that Kroger uses forward integration. dual distribution. strategic channel alliances. horizontal integration. backward integration.Which of the following statements regarding electronic marketing channels is most accurate? Electronic intermediaries perform facilitating functions at only a slightly higher cost than traditional marketing channels. Electronic marketing channels do not look a lot like common marketing channels since there is no need for warehousing products. Electronic marketing channels employ the Internet to make products and services available for consumption or use by consumers or business buyers. Electronic marketing channels use combinations of mail and telephone to conduct business with ultimate consumers. Electronic intermediaries can perform all logistical functions effectivelyContacting potential customers, promoting products, and seeking orders would be an example of a(n) __________ function that intermediaries perform. transactional facilitating marketing risk taking logisticalSuppose a large retail chain is considering increasing the number of distribution centers that serve its retail stores from 6 to 20. If the number of suppliers, retail outlets, and customers remain unchanged, which of the following statements accurately describes what will happen as a result of this expansion? stockouts will increase. outbound transportation costs from the warehouses increase, and total transportation costs will increase. profit margins will increase proportionately to the percentage of new inventory. inbound transportation costs to the warehouses will decrease. total inventory in the warehouse system will increase.The channel strategy demonstrated when Hallmark sells its Hallmark brand greeting cards through Hallmark stores and select department stores and its Ambassador brand of cards through discount and drugstore chains is referred to as __________. multichannel distribution multibrand distribution parallel distribution a strategic channel alliance dual distributionCustomers currently link to Cisco's website to configure, price, and order its networking equipment. Cisco then sends orders back out across the Internet to producers and assemblers including Celestica, Flextronics, and Solectron. Products are built and tested to Cisco standards, sometimes with procedures run remotely by Cisco. Most are then drop-shipped to buyers, untouched by human hands on Cisco's payroll. The individuals who monitor these transactions and make sure each is performed in a cost-effective and timely fashion are engaged in __________. materials handling just-in-time management supply chain management total distribution cost management logisticsThe ability of a logistics system to satisfy users in terms of time, dependability, communications, and convenience is referred to as __________. total logistics management product replenishment customer service distribution management order processingWhich of the following customer-service components is likely to be most critical for Honda when it purchases windshield wiper blades as a component for automobiles it manufactures? convenience lead time low price communication dependability and on-time deliveryA channel intermediary that acts on behalf of the seller but does not take title to products is called a(n) wholesaler. facilitator. distributor. agent or broker. retailerA wholesaler-sponsored voluntary chain refers to a consortium of wholesalers created to allow greater capacity management through the sharing of warehouses and over-the-road transport. the formal contractual designation of one channel member, whether producer, wholesaler, or retailer, to coordinate, direct, and support all other members. professionally manage and centrally coordinate a marketing channel designed to achieve channel economies and maximum marketing impact. an arrangement whereby a firm reaches different buyers by employing two or more different types of channels for the same basic product. a contractual relationship between a wholesaler and small independent retailers to standardize and coordinate buying, merchandising, and inventory management effortsMarketing executives typically consider three questions when choosing a marketing channel and intermediaries. These include: (1) which channel and intermediaries will provide the best coverage of the target market, (2) which channel and intermediaries will best satisfy the buying requirements of the target market, and (3) which channel and intermediaries will be the most concerned about avoiding channel conflict. easiest to work with. most profitable. riskiest to engage with. most concerned with avoiding cannibalizationWhich of the following is the most popular type of vertical marketing system? cooperative vertical marketing systems corporate vertical marketing systems wholesaler-sponsored voluntary systems contractual vertical marketing systems administered vertical marketing systemsMost of Lands' End's revenues come through catalog and Internet sales, but it also operates over a dozen retail stores and factory outlets. This makes Lands' End an example of a(n) __________ marketer. multichannel dual distribution channel industrial channel wholesale exclusive distributionTotal logistic cost factors in a supply chain include transportation, order processing, stockout, inventory, returns, and __________. communication between buyer and seller problem resolution on-time delivery of product warehousing and materials handling order cycle timeThe purpose of a vertical marketing system is to dissuade retailers from dealing with other manufacturers or wholesalers. limit the number of retail outlets served and sales region. eliminate wholesaler channel members and have producers go directly to consumers. achieve channel economies and maximum marketing impact. maximize the number of wholesalers with which a supplier can tradeQuick response systems refer to an order replenishment system that maintains a 10 percent inventory cushion at all times in order to guarantee there will never be stockouts. an online inventory storage program that allows firms to enter up-to-the-minute information in order to avoid stockouts due to unforeseen environmental forces. inventory management systems that are designed to reduce a retailer's lead time for receiving merchandise, which then lowers its inventory investment, improves its customer service levels, and reduce its total logistics expense. an information and organizational program that allows even the smallest manufacturer to manage inventory management systems. exclusive contractual agreements between delivery services such as Federal Express or UPS to deliver rush orders at a special low rate, regardless of the day, time, or package size.Which statement regarding responsive supply chains is most accurate? Responsive supply chains use slower modes of transportation but faster order processing. Responsive supply chains always use the least expensive mode of transportation possible. Responsive supply chains use common platforms and common components across several products. Responsive supply chains achieve economies of scale by having all inventory stored and sorted at a central location. Responsive supply chains rely on maintaining large inventory warehousesHaving a Chevron gas station located on a long stretch of lonely highway is an example of __________ utility. form possession time place locationMeyers, Inc. is an American company that manufactures and distributes coffee products in the U.S. Because of the popularity of its products, Meyers Inc. wants to enter new global markets. As a result, the firm decided to develop an international distribution network as soon as possible. The most efficient distribution arrangement in terms of cost and time for Meyers, Inc. would be to use __________. cooperative distribution a dual distribution agreement direct marketing multichannel distribution a strategic channel allianceAdding a wholesaler to the marketing channel for consumer products is most common for low-cost, low unit value items. any item regardless of cost as long as there is sufficient product variety. high-cost, low unit value items. high-cost, high unit value items. low-cost, high unit value items


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