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Question;Unit 2;The Importance of Mission and Vision Statements;Case Study;Analysis Paper: The Mission Statement;Prepare a;case analysis for Vertu: Nokia?s Luxury Mobile Phone for the Urban Rich.;;Closely;follow the Case Study Analysis Template;by clicking on the hyperlink or you can also find it in Doc Sharing. Please;utilize this template format for this Assignment. Use titles and subtitles per;the format for readability purposes.;Focus;upon the idea of conducting a SWOT analysis with respect to Vertu?s and Nokia?s;mission statements (you can include its core values, purpose, and goals too).;Please include the SWOT analysis with the four quadrants in the appendix of;your paper (after the References page). You can find the Case Study SWOT analysis;template in Doc Sharing.;Reference;Kwong-Kay;Wong, K. (2011, September 28). Vertu: Nokia?s luxury mobile phone for the urban;rich. (Report No. W11208).;Watertown;MA: Harvard Business Publishing.;Assignment;Checklist;?;Conduct a SWOT analysis on the case study;companies? mission statements.;?;Create a case study analysis focusing upon;the company?s mission statement.;Create at least two to;three alternative solutions. Conduct further research on the featured case;study company on its website relative to news and press releases, community;involvement, and the like. Use this information to help formulate your own;original;two;to three Alternative Solutions. After choosing one of the two to three Alternative;Solutions, discuss the Selected Solution. In the Implementation;section, describe how your Selected Solution will be implemented.;Format;The;case analysis should be 2-3 written pages in length (not including the formal;title page and References page), double-spaced. Ensure that you use correct;spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage. The citing of sources;(text and list references) should use the current APA;format and style.;For assistance with APA;format and citation style visit the Kaplan Writing Center.;Directions for Submitting;Your Project;?;Before you submit your;project, you should save your work on your computer in a location and with a;name that you will remember.;?;Make sure your Assignment is;in the correct file format (Microsoft Word.doc or.docx).;?;When you are ready, you can;upload your document to the Unit 2 Assignment;Dropbox.


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