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Question;Question 1The term _____ is used to describe retailers without traditional stores or points Question 2Sandra is surfing the Web. After entering a popular site for attorneys, a separate window suddenly appears on the screen promoting a new line of legal software. This is an example of a _____ ad.bannerpop-upsearch marketingconversion2.5 points Question 3Which of the following statements about B2C e-marketing is true?B2C e-business involves online sale of services as much as physical goods.B2C transactions account for the bulk of the e-business activity volume.B2C e-marketing facilitates transactions between organizations.Service providers prefer the B2B model to B2C as there is not enough scope for service transactions in B2C e-business.2.5 points Question 4The click-through rate is a measure of the:number of clicks performed by an average user when searching for information through a search engine.number of ads served up to a user on a search engine per query.percentage of people presented with a banner ad who click on it.number of Web pages viewed by a user after clicking through an ad.2.5 points Question 5_____ is a technology that secures a Web site by encrypting information and providing authentication.SMTPHTTPSSLTCP/IP2.5 points Question 6The term _____ is used to describe a high-tech scam that uses authentic-looking e-mail or pop-up messages to get unsuspecting victims to reveal personal information.brute-force attackphishingdata harvestingshoulder surfing2.5 points Question 7_____ involves paying search engines, such as Google, a fee to make sure the company?s listing appears toward the top of the search results.Search engine optimizationPage rankingSearch marketingContextual advertising2.5 points Question 8By enabling the coordination of all promotional activities to produce a unified, customer-focused promotional message, e-marketing helps reach consumers through:personalization.interactive reach.integrated marketing.2.5 points Question 9A _____ is a Web page anyone can edit so a reader can, in addition to asking questions or posting comments, actually make changes to the Web page.blogwikitweetNews Feed2.5 points Question 10Which of the following age groups is a typical Internet user likely to be in?11-2518-6424-3941-57


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