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Question;Question 1Marketers can attempt to shape the outcome of the post purchase evaluation by:helping consumers to identify potential problems or needs.offering personal assistance with any problem experienced with the product.attempting to convince consumers that a competing brand does not meet their criteria.trying to get consumers to expand their evoked sets to include their product.2.5 points Question 2When groups establish values and behaviors they deem appropriate for their members, those values and behaviors are called group _____.rolesnormsidealsbehaviors2.5 points Question 3The broadest environmental determinant of consumer behavior is:income or purchasing power.educational status.2.5 points Question 4In a marketing context, the immediate or expected change in consumer behavior that results from experience is called:a drive.a cue.perception.learning.2.5 points Question 5Joining a local bowling league for social interaction is an attempt to meet _____ needs.self-actualizationbelongingnessesteemsafety2.5 points Question 6Analysis of the Hispanic demographics in the United States shows that all of the following statements are correctexcept:the Hispanic market is growing rapidly.Hispanics tend to be younger than the typical Americans.Hispanics are geographically concentrated.all Hispanics understand Spanish.2.5 points Question 7Cultural differences are particularly important for:firms marketing internationally.not-for-profit organizations.firms marketing to a specific target market in a single city.dealing with issues having historical significance.2.5 points Question 8When a consumer begins to feel dissatisfied with a product or service recently purchased, the anxiety they feel is called:cognitive purchase regret.product revaluation.purchase rejection.2.5 points Question 9High-involvement decisions typically involve _____ and _____ products.inexpensive, rarely purchasedinexpensive, frequently purchasedexpensive, relatively simpleexpensive, complicated2.5 points Question 10TheAsch phenomenonstatesthat individuals will:follow their personal influences more closely than any other influence.follow the majority opinion even if it contradicts the individual?s beliefs.purchase products that maintain a positive looking-glass self.avoid extended problem-solving behavior.


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