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Kaplan MT450 unit 4 assignment




Question;This week you are playing the role of the Marketing Manager in a marketing simulation for Minnesota Micromotors, Inc. (MM). Minnesota Micromotors, Inc. (MM), based in Minneapolis, is a manufacturer of brushless, direct current (BLDC) 1 motors used in orthopedic medical devices. Approximately 70% of the revenues of Minnesota Micromotors, Inc. were generated from customers that placed large-volume orders.In this Assignment, you will engage in the development of the following professional competencies:Analyze Quantitative DataActive ListeningMarketing SimulationAfter you play the simulation in three steps (view simulation instructions) complete the Assignment detailed in the Rubric below.Please answer the follow questions in a 3-5 page paper (excluding title and reference pages) and include text citations for references:1. What was your marketing strategy for each of the decisions entered into the simulation game in Quarter #1?2. What were the results of your decisions?3. Analyze the results in terms of success or failure.What changes will you make in future quarters?Please insert a screen shot of the Quarter #1 results in your paper. This can be done by highlighting the results, hitting ?Control+C,? and then inserting the results in your paper by hitting ?Control+V.?Please view the rubric below for full Assignment details.Why is the notion of derived demand so important for companies selling products and services to other organizations?What is the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) for Minnesota Micromotors, Inc. (MM)Submit your paper to the Unit 4: Assignment Dropbox.Marketing Simulation InstructionsHarvard Marketing Simulation link and instructions can be found in Doc Sharing.Once you have accessed the Simulation on the Harvard site, you should play the simulation in three steps which are explained on the Prepare > How to Play screen:Step 1: Review the dashboard and detailed reports under the Analyze tab.The reports, accessible from the Analyze > Dashboard Overview screen will give students information about Minnesota Micromotors (MM) current and historical sales, product features that are desired by customers, how feature performance is changing for the motors over time, and financial statements for the company.]Step 2: Enter decisions for Quarter #1.You must click on the Decide tab to enter your estimate and decisions. On the Decide > Your decisions screen, enter your estimate and decisions for the list price of the motors in U.S. dollars and percentage discount that MM will offer large-volume customer and distributors (channel margin). You must also enter how many budget dollars they plan to invest in the sales force, in large and small volume customers, inacquiring versus retaining large volume customers, in market research, and in research and development.Step 3: Review Company Results and Adjust decisions.After submitting your decision, the simulation will advance one quarter. You must return to the Analyze tab to review the results of your decision and to read any news about the marketplace. This information will be used to prepare the Unit 4 Assignment paper.


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