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Question;Question 1Wal-Mart prefers transaction records sorted by customer type, product, sales method, type of order, and order size. Analyzing internal data sorted in this manner is called:sales iteration.transactional cognizance.2.5 points Question 2A major benefit of test markets as a quantitative forecasting method is:they provide realistic information on actual purchases rather than intent to buy.they are quick, inexpensive, and effective with stable customer demand and environment.they are useful in predicting short-term and intermediate sales for firms that serve selected customers.they provide salespeople with expert customer, product, and competitor knowledge.2.5 points Question 3Which of the following represents a difference between a stratified sample and a quota sample?Unlike stratified samples, in a quota sample randomly selected subsamples of different groups are represented in the total sample.In stratified samples, researchers select a sample of subgroups from which they draw respondents.Unlike quota samples, stratified samples include large and self-selected, rather than random, groups of respondents who don?t usually represent the total population.In a stratified sample, researchers select subsamples by a random process, in a quota sample, they handpick participants.2.5 points Question 4Which of the following is a qualitative sales forecasting technique?Test marketsDelphi techniqueExponential smoothingTrend analysis2.5 points Question 5The basic characteristic of a probability sample is that:some individuals in the population have a greater chance of being selected than others.there is a chance of any member of the population being selected.all possible members of the population have provided information.100 percent of all subgroups have been represented.2.5 points Question 6How do marketers obtain primary data?By using trend analysis, exponential smoothing, and the Delphi technique.By using observation, surveys, and controlled experiments.By using private data, government data, and internal data.By using marketing information systems and business intelligence.2.5 points Question 7An estimate of a firm?s revenue for a specified future period is known as a _____.sales forecastmarket capmarketing auditsales pitch2.5 points Question 8When the marketing research problem has been well-defined:the speed and accuracy of the research process can be increased.the next step is to decide on the budgeting aspect of acquiring market intelligence.the costs of contracting marketing research firms can be greatly reduced.researchers only have to adjust the marketing mix to the conditions.2.5 points Question 9A logical starting point in identifying the marketing problem might be to:ascertain the budget and logistical limits that the problem warrants.determine the computational scope of the problem.evaluate the firm?s target market and marketing mix elements.simulate a market research based on formulated hypotheses.2.5 points Question 10Which of the following federal agencies is the most important source of secondary data for marketing research studies?Federal ReserveTreasury DepartmentCensus BureauBureau of Labor Statistics


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