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Kaplan MT450 unit 5 QUIZ




Question;Question 1.1.A market structure analysis is used to better understand the: (Points: 2) environment.Question 2.2.A typical marketing planning horizon is: (Points: 2) one month.six year.five years.Question 3.3.According to the needs hierarchy theory, basic human needs such as food, sleep, and water are examples of ________ needs. (Points: 2) physiologicalsafetyegosocialQuestion 4.4.The value proposition offered by the competitors and the marketing mix used by them will most likely fall under which of the following parts of the competitor analysis? (Points: 2) determination of the competitors' major objectivesassessment of the competitors' current marketing strategiesassessment of the competitors' strengths and weaknessesinternal analysis of your firm's strengths and weaknesses relative to the competitorsQuestion 5.5.Which of the following refers to one particular product segment of a particular industry? (Points: 2) a product brand.a product variant.a product type.a product class.Question 6.6.When marketing managers select a market segment to pursue, it is called: (Points: 2) segmenting the market.selecting the target market.selecting the right product.selective distribution.Question 7.7.Which of the following types of competition can be defined as products or services that the customer views as fulfilling the same need? (Points: 2) product form competitionproduct category competitiongeneric competitionbudget competitionQuestion 8.8.According to the needs hierarchy theory, friendship, affection, acceptance by reference groups are examples of ________ needs. (Points: 2) physiologicalsocialegoself-actualizationQuestion 9.9.Which of the following types of competition is based on products that have similar features and provide the same basic function? (Points: 2) product class or product categoryproduct formgenericbudgetQuestion 10.10.Conni is a marketing manager for a paper manufacturer. Many customers are identified as a straight rebuy. Which of the following is an example of a straight rebuy? (Points: 2) frequently purchased routine purchases such as printer tonerupgrading the local intranet with new technologiespurchasing the first local intranet for a small businessroutine purchases that have changed in some way such as air travelQuestion 11.11.Tim is the marketing manager of a toy company. He is segmenting the market via psychographics. Which of the following is an example of a psychographic variable? (Points: 2) religionlifestylesocial classdensityQuestion 12.12.Which of the following best describes upgrading the existing copier to take advantage of new technology? (Points: 2) straight rebuy situationmodified rebuy situationnew-task situationrepetition purchaseQuestion 13.13.With reference to the chasm model, the term visionaries refers to: (Points: 2) innovators.early majority.early adopters.late majority.Question 14.14.What type of competition can destroy entire product categories when a major innovation occurs, so it requires attention, especially for long-run planning? (Points: 2) Product formProduct categoryGenericBudgetQuestion 15.15.An analysis in which the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and their current and likely future strategies are examined is known as competitor analysis. (Points: 2) TrueFalseQuestion 16.16.According to the needs hierarchy theory, ________ needs are based on job security and financial security. (Points: 2) physiologicalsafetyegosocialQuestion 17.17.John is a Marketing Manager for Kaplan Soda Inc. He is making decisions about which customer groups his company will pursue for a particular brand or product line. What is this commonly referred to in marketing? (Points: 2) product segmentationperpetual maptarget marketingmarket segmentationQuestion 18.18.Michael is a marketing manager for a home repair organization. He is trying to make a decision on a supplier. Which of the following influences the decision about which supplier is chosen? (Points: 2) the initiatorthe influencerthe deciderthe purchaserQuestion 19.19.In technology-based markets, the marketing manager must understand who the different customers that will purchase the product at the introductory stage of the product life cycle and who will purchase the product as it matures. According to Everett Rogers, which of the following types of customers will be the first to buy the product? (Points: 2) early adoptersearly majorityinnovatorslaggardsQuestion 20.20.The concept of segmentation is important because it implies an understanding that customers are homogeneous. (Points: 2) TrueFalse


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