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Leo MKt521 case 2- McDonald's




Question;Evaluate Lisa Aham?s current strategy;regarding senior citizens. Does this strategy improve McDonalds? image? What;should she do about the senior citizen market ? that is, should she encourage;ignore, or discourage her seniors? What should she do about the bingo idea?Follow instructions - 1 page limit, single space.Follow Question answer formatSubmit your answers to the questions found at the end of each case's text.Grading Rubric: 25 pointsCriteria:Needs improvementProficientExemplaryUse of existingcase factsStudent did not effectively use case information in the analysis.0-3 pointsStudent identified& utilized somecase informationin the analysis.4-6 pointsStudent identified & effectivelyutilized relevantcase information in the analysis.7-10 pointsIntegration of relevant conceptsStudent did notdemonstrate the ability to integratecurrent/ previousconcepts in theanalysis.0-3 pointsStudent identified& related some concepts currently/previously discussed in the class.4-6 pointsStudent identified & effectively integrated concepts currently/previously discussed in class.7-10 pointsOrganizationStudent did not follow instructions, not organized & not cohesive in answering the required questions.0-1 pointStudent was somewhat organizedand cohesive in answering therequired questions.2-3 pointsStudent was clear, organized & cohesive in answering the required questions.4-5 points


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