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strayer mkt510 week 5 and week 6 discussions




Question;Week;5 Discussion 1;The Organization of Health Insurance Markets" Please respond to the;following: It is often advocated that health insurers be prevented from denying;insurance to those with preexisting conditions such as cancer or AIDS, at;?reasonable? rates. Analyze the impact of such regulations on the insurance;market and make at least one recommendation for how patients with preexisting;conditions should be treated. Then, respond to the thoughts of another learner;(online students will respond to another student?s post, ground students will;have open discussion). Week;5 Discussion 2;Managed Care" Please respond to the following;Recommend an alternative to current HMO, PPO, and POS plans that would both;improve health care services and be economically feasible. Explain your;rationale.="msonormal">week 6 discussion 1From;the first e- Activity, determine whether or not the VALS test provides an;accurate representative of your buying habits. Speculate if the results of the;survey will change over time, citing key external factors that would cause the;results to differ.;week 6 discussions2From;the Second e- actvity, examine the pros and cons of business oweners trying to;use the Nielsen Website without paying for any further services from the;organization. Examine the additional insights that Nielsen?s has to offer, and;determine whether it is more beneficial to pay for Nielsen?s extra services or;to complete the research on your own.;From the third e-activity, speculate from the U.S Census market projections, what situational variables will influence the dog owner target market. Provides two ideas of how premium pet product manufactures can use this information in their market strategies.;="msonormal">="msonormal">


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