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Question;Unit4 [MT355:Marketing;Research];AssignmentDetailsandGradingRubric;Assignment Title: External Secondary Research;Conducting;external secondary research can help support the need for a study when;addressing a management problem identified for a marketing research proposal.;In this assignment, you will demonstrate your ability to conduct secondary;research to inform a proposal for a new product idea.;In this;assignment, you will engage in the development of the following professional;competencies: Understands how to approach unstructured problems;Scenario;As a;marketing researcher working for the McDonalds? Corporation, you are tasked;with performing secondary marketing research to inform a brief proposal that;introduces a new product concept that can be added to the menu. Preparation for;executing this task will mean that you conduct secondary marketing research to;learn the types of food that McDonald?s does and does not carry.;Do some;brainstorming. Given your knowledge of what McDonald?s currently offers and;your knowledge of other foods that they COULD be carrying, think up two or;three possible products that you believe would be a possible good addition to;the McDonald?s menu. Yes, this may mean you have to go to a McDonald?s and do;some on-site research- possibly even sampling the menu items. See- not all;exploratory research is drudgery!;Instructions for completing;this assignment;Write a 2-3 page persuasive essay in APA;Style format. Be sure to use complete sentences, and provide specific examples;when applicable. As with all material you submit, check for correct spelling;grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and language usage.;In your essay, include the;following information;A. Provide two or three initial;ideas for new products that McDonald?s can include on the menu.;B. Find;two articles or other references in the library or the Internet from credible;sources that provide some information on whether the product might be;successful. For instance, if you decide that McDonald?s should offer French;cuisine on their menu, you would try to find an article that provides;information on how US consumers have increased their consumption of French;cuisine over the past three years.;C. For;each article: Provide a brief explanation of how each supports one or all of;the possible products you have selected for candidates to be placed on;McDonald?s current menu.;D.;Provide a very brief summary of the two articles you found. The summary should;be approximately one paragraph for each article.;Continued...;Unit4 [MT355:Marketing;Research];AssignmentDetailsandGradingRubric;E. Provide a reference list for;the articles you have found in APA format.;In the;past, many students have selected popular products that McDonald?s does not;offer, but other restaurants successfully provide. This is an opportunity to;use your creativity, so think critically on what products may positively impact;the McDonald?s menu of products to increase revenues and profitability. The;secondary research used in this assignment should support your new product;idea. Remember you are in the process of finding data that will convince a;hardened senior executive that your addition to the menu will be good for;McDonald?s and their bottom line.;For additional requirements in;relation to this assignment, see the grading rubric below.;Directions for Submitting Your;Assignment;Review;the grading rubric below before beginning this activity. For additional help;with your writing and APA citation, please visit the Kaplan University Writing;Center. Compose your Assignment as a Microsoft? Word? document and save it with your first name initial and last name;(Example: TAlex-MT355 Assignment-Unit;4.docx). Submit your file by;selecting the Unit 4: Assignment Dropbox by the end of Unit 4.;Unit4 [MT355:Marketing;Research];Grading;Rubric;Percent;Possible Score For This;Assignment: 100;Content, Focus, Use of Text/Outside Sources (60%) Percent;Possible Points;20%;8;20%;8;20%;8;60%;24;Create 2-3 new product;ideas;Article 1 research support for product ideas;Article;2 research support for product ideas;7.5%;3;7.5%;3;7.5%;3;7.5%;3;30%;12;Analysis and;Critical Thinking (30%)Analyzes;in addition to providing facts Analysis is well thought out;Flow of answers is logical;Considers different;positions on the issues;10%;4;100%;40;0;Title slide and Reference slide;Gross Assignment;Score;Less: Late Penalty(Per Policy)


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