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Question;AssignmentDetailsandGradingRubric;Assignment;Title:Data;Analysis and Interpretation;Business;leaders rely on the work of marketing researchers to make decisions that will;impact revenue generation and the profitability of the company. The data;analysis and interpretation phase of a marketing research project is a critical;process that is highly scrutinized for accuracy and validity. Marketing;researchers must take great care in analyzing data that will be interpreted and;turned into information for the purpose of solving the research problem, or;capitalizing on an opportunity that was under study. Acting as a marketing;research professional in this assignment, you will develop the following;competencies in relation to the tasks you are required to execute;* Obtain and process;information;* Analyze qualitative data;in decision making;Developing;an ability to obtain and process information in order to analyze qualitative;data for decision making as a marketing researcher will be a valuable addition;to your business toolbelt.;Directions for completing this;assignment;In this;assignment, you will analyze the Fancher Golf Center case study. Your goal is;to recommend business solutions based upon data analysis and interpretation.;Write a 2-3 page critical essay by covering the following topics;* Devise data/information;collected through marketing research process for analysis.;* Discuss how to analyze;edit, and code data.;* Discover the degree of;association between variables.;To help inform your essay;include information that answers the following questions;1. For each team, identify all;of the types of error that were likely introduced by the data collection;process.;Discuss why you believe;particular procedures produced each type of error you identify.;2. What could have been done;to prevent/minimize each type of error by conducting the study differently?;3. What might be done to;deal with each type of error now that it has occurred?;For additional requirements in;relation to this assignment, see the grading rubric below.;Directions for Submitting Your;Assignment;Review the;grading rubric below before beginning this activity. For additional help with;your writing and APA citation, please visit the Kaplan University Writing;Center. Compose your Assignment as a Microsoft? Word? document and save it with;your first name initial and last name (Example: TAlex-MT355 Assignment-;Unit8.docx). Submit your file by selecting the Unit 8: Assignment Dropbox by;the end of Unit 8.;Grading;Rubric;Percent;Possible Score For This;Assignment: 100;Content, Focus, Use of Text/Outside Percent;Sources (55%);Demonstrated;ability to formulate a research problem Demonstrated ability to develop open;ended questions Demonstrated ability to develop closed ended questions;Demonstrated abilityto;develop scaled response;questions;Possible Points;25%;10;10%;4;10%;4;10%;4;55%;22;Analysis;and Critical Thinking (35%);10%;4;10%;4;7.5%;3;7.5%;3;35%;14;Analyzed the case study;Explained the validity for each question Flow of answers is logical;Considers;different positions on the issues;10%;4;100%;40;0;Writing;Style;Grammar, APA Format;Gross Assignment;Score;Less: Late Penalty(Per Policy)


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