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Question;Unit7 [MT355:Marketing;Research];AssignmentDetailsandGradingRubric;Assignment Title:Design appropriate data;collection methods;It is;essential for marketing researchers to develop an ability to design appropriate;data collection methods following the theoretical and conceptual methods you;learned about in chapters 5-15 in the Basic Marketing Research textbook. In;this assignment, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation the demonstrates;your ability to design and formulate a data collection methodology that;includes a research problem, secondary data, primary data, and a sampling and;data collection plan.;Directions for completing this;Assignment;Complete;the assignment by designing the appropriate data collection methods for a;marketing research study. You must use the same case study from your unit 6;assignment.;Marty?s Department Store;Premium Pizza;Barbecue Blues Sauce Company;E-Food and the Online;Grocery Competition;In a 7-10 slide narrated;PowerPoint presentation, cover the following marketing research criteria;1. Provide a brief explanation;of the research problem you formulated based on the case study you chose.;2. Secondary Data: Collect a minimum of three;secondary data resources to improve your understanding of;the research problem and;topic area. Present a short summary of each secondary data resource as an;annotated;bibliography. To learn how;to construct an annotated bibliography for your secondary data resources, Click;Here. Be sure to explain why;each secondary research resource will be useful in solving the research;problem.;3.;Primary Data: Review the survey you developed in the unit 6 assignment for this;case study and make needed improvements to the questions. Explain why the;improvements you made are important, and provide reasoning.;4.;Sampling & Data Collection: Prepare a brief plan on how you will choose the;sample, and explain how you will go about collecting the data from the sample;in your marketing research study.;Presentation Format;In;Microsoft? PowerPoint?, create a title slide containing your name, the topic;and the date. Be sure to apply a design to your presentation. Create one slide;for each of the decision problems above (a-f).;ontinued...;Unit7 [MT355:Marketing;Research];AssignmentDetailsandGradingRubric;In this;Assignment, you will be using the Microsoft? PowerPoint? narration tool to;create your own audiovisual presentation. Once you have done this, you can put;this skill on your resume. Audiovisual presentations are used in everything;from customer service response, training employees, solving problems in the;workplace, explaining instructions to colleagues and responding to stakeholders;concerning business issues. For a tutorial on adding audio to your Microsoft?;PowerPoint? presentation, Click Here.;For additional requirements in;relation to this assignment, download the grading rubric below.;Directions for Submitting Your;Assignment;Review;the grading rubric below before beginning this activity. Compose your;Assignment as a Microsoft? PowerPoint? document and save it with your first;name initial and last name (Example: TAlex-MT355;Assignment-Unit 7.ppt).;Submit your file by selecting the Unit 7: Assignment Dropbox by the end of Unit;7.;Unit7 [MT355:Marketing;Research];Grading;Rubric;Percent;Possible Score For This;Assignment: 100;Content, Focus, Use of Text/Outside;Sources (50%);Diagnosis;of marketing problem Secondary Research Annotated Bibliography Sampling and;Data Collection Plan;Primary Research Survey;Improvements;Percent;Possible Points;15%;6;15%;6;15%;6;15%;6;60%;24;Analysis and Critical Thinking (30%);7.5%;3;7.5%;3;7.5%;3;7.5%;3;30%;12;Analyzes in addition to;providing facts;Analysis is well thought out Professional design used to develop;presentation Presentation includes all7;of the required slides;10%;4;100%;40;0;Title slide and Reference slide;Gross Assignment;Score;Less: Late Penalty(Per Policy)


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