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Question;Unit9 [MT355:Marketing;Research];AssignmentDetailsandGradingRubric;Assignment;Title:Writing;and Presenting a Research Report;As Brown, Suter, and Churchill (2014);indicate in the Basic Marketing Research textbook, a marketing researcher will;almost always be expected to develop a written report and presentation based on;the results of the research. In this assignment, you will prepare a marketing;research report. As you prepare this marketing research report, you will engage;in developing the following professional competencies of a marketing;researcher;* Sell ideas and persuade;* Create and edit reports;Marketing;researchers must communicate with all stakeholders to develop accurate results;when writing up the research report and presenting it to organizational;leaders. The goal of the report and presentation is to sell and persuade the;results of the marketing research, whether they favorably or unfavorably help;to solve the research problem or to help capitalize on the research;opportunity. A valid and appropriately designed research study will render;valid results that should provide guidance to decision making leaders.;Additionally, it is essential that marketing researchers use time management;while creating and editing reports. The written report in general, will have an;enormous impact on whether leadership decision makers will actually use the;research or not. Your job as the marketing research is to master the art of;persuading and selling the research results you worked very hard to produce.;References;Brown, T. J., Suter, T A.;Churchill, G. A. (2014). Basic Marketing Research, 8th Edition, Cengage;Learning.;Directions for completing this;assignment;In this;assignment, you will analyze the ?Seal-Tight Company? case study. As a;marketing researcher, your objective in this assignment is to prepare a;marketing research report. Complete the following steps to successfully execute;this assignment;Step 1. In your Basic Marketing;Research textbook, go to pages 417-418 and read question 1 on the Seal-Tight;Company.;Step 2.;On page 418 in your Basic Marketing Research textbook, prepare the charts;required in questions A-D to be used in your research report.;Step 3.;Prepare a research report based on the results of your data analysis for the;?Seal-Tight Company? case study. Follow the research report outline on pages;429-433.;For;additional requirements in relation to this assignment, see the grading rubric;below.;Continued...;Unit9 [MT355:Marketing;Research];AssignmentDetailsandGradingRubric;Directions;for Submitting Your Assignment;Review;the grading rubric below before beginning this activity. For additional help;with your writing and APA citation, please visit the Kaplan University Writing;Center. Compose your Assignment as a Microsoft? Word? document and save it with;your first name initial and last name (Example: TAlex-MT355 Assignment-Unit;9.docx). Submit your file by;selecting the Unit 9: Assignment Dropbox by the end of Unit 9.;Unit9 [MT355:Marketing;Research];Grading;Rubric;Percent;Possible Score For This;Assignment: 100;Content, Focus, Use of Text/Outside Percent;Sources (67%);Developed;charts correctly for questions A and B Developed charts correctly for questions;C and D Formatted Research Report Effectively;Prepared Research Report According to;Marketing Research;Principles;Possible Points;17%;10;17%;10;17%;10;16%;10;67%;40;Analysis and Critical Thinking (30%);7%;4;7%;4;7%;4;6%;4;30%;27;Analyzed;the case study Explained the validity for each question Flow of answers is;logical;Considers different;positions on the issues;7%;4;100%;60;0;Writing Style Grammar, APA Format;Gross Assignment;Score;Less: Late Penalty(Per Policy)


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