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Question;Globex Corporation has been receiving an unusually high;number of negative customer comments on its Facebook page. From this;management realizes some sort of customer satisfaction problem exists, but;otherwise knows little about the dissatisfaction problem. What kind of research;should Globex initially conduct in an effort to address the problem?;Secondary research.;Exploratory research.;Primary research.;Product research.;Customer research;Question 2. Question;Strategy-oriented decision problems are aimed squarely at;Large organizations.;Tactical situations.;Complex problems.;Making decisions.;All of the above.;Question 3. Question;Serendipity, or chance ideas, as a source of marketing;research problems, might arise from;Customer complaint letters;Salesperson's call reports;Comments in trade publications;Customer calls to toll-free service assistance;centers.;All of the above are sources of chance ideas.;Question 4. Question;Meeting with the client should be done at the earliest;stages of a research project for which of the following reasons?;To avoid duplicating efforts.;Because it is essential that managers and;researchers are able to communicate openly.;To get as much information as possible from;the manager with respect to the problem/ opportunity.;Both B and C are correct.;None of the above are correct.;Question 5. Question;Defining the problem is among the most difficult aspects of;the marketing research process because of the;of every situation a manager may encounter.;Complexity;Urgency;Riskiness;Uniqueness;Subjectiveness;Question 6. Question;The research proposal;Is used primarily to summarize the problem;definition process.;Does not include proposed research methods.;Provides the researcher another opportunity to;make sure that the proposed research will provide information;needed to address the decision problem.;Should be no longer than two (2) pages.;Cannot be changed once it has been accepted by;the manager.;Question 7. Question;The method of ethical reasoning that considers whether or;not costs and benefits of a proposed action are distributed fairly among;individuals and groups is called the ________ approach;Justice;Pragmatic;I Utility;Rights;None of the above;Chapter 3;Question 8. Question;Which of the following is NOT one of the six steps in;problem definition identified in chapter 3?;State the manager's decision problem.;Prepare research request agreement.;Secure funding;Meet with client;Clarify the problem/opportunity.;Question 9. Question;Step five of the problem definition process is to select;research problem(s) to be addressed.;Which of the following statements about this step is TRUE?;Marketing researchers should allow managers to;vote on which research problems to address.;Marketing researchers should address every;research problem that has been identified.;Marketing researchers should address the;research problems for which they are reasonably sure they can get favorable;results.;Researchers should attempt to address the;identified research problems regardless of the cost of obtaining information.;Researchers must carefully review each identified;research problem in terms of trade-off between the;information to be obtained versus the costs of obtaining;that information.;Question 10. Question;Communicating research results to appropriate managers is;part of which phase of the Marketing Research Process?;Data Collection;Research Configuration;Information Reporting;Problem Definition;Data Analysis


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