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Question;Big Data is the process of ____________ large and varied;data sets.;Capturing, understanding and distributing;Detecting, merging and analyzing;Capturing, merging and analyzing;Securing, validating and storing;Researching, analyzing and storing;Question 2. Question;A great source of "Voice of the Customer" (VOC);data is;Structured;Mobile;Omni-transactional;Unstructured;Social;Points Received: 0 of 3;Comments;Question 3. Question;Which type of marketing research focuses on the short- or;long-term decisions that the firm must make with respect to the elements of the;marketing mix?;Planning;Decision making;Problem solving;Performance monitoring;Control;ved: 3 of 3;Question 4. Question;Which of the following are ways to judge the accuracy of;secondary data?;Consider the source of the data;Look at the sponsor of the research that;yielded the secondary data;Look for evidence that the research was done;properly;All of the above are correct;Only B and C are correct.;Question 5. Question;With secondary data, who incurs the expense of collecting;it?;The user of the secondary data;The government;No one - secondary data by definition is;always free.;Taxpayers.;The original compiler of the information.;Question 6. Question;Acme Corporation has identified several new market;opportunities, but has limited funds to invest and therefore cannot pursue them;all. Which function of market research will it conduct to identify the most;promising opportunities?;CORRECT Planning;Decision making;Problem Solving;Performance monitoring;Control;0;of 3;Question 7. Question;Which type of firm is one of the three major categories of;firms that conduct Marketing Research?;Marketing research companies.;Advertising agencies.;Companies that produce or sell products and;services.;All of the above.;None of the above.;Question 8. Question;A key distinction of a Marketing Information System (MIS) is;that;The information is accurate.;It can only be used by marketing managers.;Information is collected on a regular basis.;It does not involve focused reports;The information is used in making marketing;decisions;Question 9. Question;Which of the following is NOT one of the three dimensions of;the framework for understanding Big Data?;Volume;Vastness;Velocity;Variety;All of the above are dimensions of the;framework;Comments;Question 10. Question;The Town Square Tattler, gossip tabloid, has decided to do;some market research to help it sell more advertising. What should it seek to;learn through its research?;Which of its stories are most popular.;The demographic profile of its audience.;How much readers are willing to pay for an;issue.;The size of its total readership.;Both B and D.;* Times are displayed;in (-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)


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