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kaplan mt355 all quizes [ unit 2 4 5 8 ]




Question;Globex Corporation has been receiving an unusually high number of negative customer comments on its Facebook page. From this, management realizes some sort of customer satisfaction problem exists, but otherwise knows little about the dissatisfaction problem. What kind of research should Globex initially conduct in an effort to address the problem?Secondary research.Exploratory research.Primary research.Product research.Customer researchQuestion 2. Question:Strategy-oriented decision problems are aimed squarely at:Large organizations.Tactical situations.Complex problems.Making decisions.All of the above.Question 3. Question:Serendipity, or chance ideas, as a source of marketing research problems, might arise from:Customer complaint lettersSalesperson's call reportsComments in trade publicationsCustomer calls to toll-free service assistance centers.All of the above are sources of chance ideas.Question 4. Question:Meeting with the client should be done at the earliest stages of a research project for which of the following reasons?To avoid duplicating efforts.Because it is essential that managers and researchers are able to communicate openly.To get as much information as possible from the manager with respect to the problem/ opportunity.Both B and C are correct.None of the above are correct.Question 5. Question:Defining the problem is among the most difficult aspects of the marketing research process because of the__________ of every situation a manager may encounter.ComplexityUrgencyRiskinessUniquenessSubjectivenessQuestion 6. Question:The research proposal:Is used primarily to summarize the problem definition process.Does not include proposed research methods.Provides the researcher another opportunity to make sure that the proposed research will provide informationneeded to address the decision problem.Should be no longer than two (2) pages.Cannot be changed once it has been accepted by the manager.Question 7. Question:The method of ethical reasoning that considers whether or not costs and benefits of a proposed action are distributed fairly among individuals and groups is called the ________ approach:JusticePragmaticI UtilityRightsNone of the aboveChapter 3Question 8. Question:Which of the following is NOT one of the six steps in problem definition identified in chapter 3?State the manager's decision problem.Prepare research request agreement.Secure fundingMeet with clientClarify the problem/opportunity.Question 9. Question:Step five of the problem definition process is to select research problem(s) to be addressed.Which of the following statements about this step is TRUE?Marketing researchers should allow managers to vote on which research problems to address.Marketing researchers should address every research problem that has been identified.Marketing researchers should address the research problems for which they are reasonably sure they can get favorable results.Researchers should attempt to address the identified research problems regardless of the cost of obtaining information.Researchers must carefully review each identified research problem in terms of trade-off between theinformation to be obtained versus the costs of obtaining that information.Question 10. Question:Communicating research results to appropriate managers is part of which phase of the Marketing Research Process?Data CollectionResearch ConfigurationInformation ReportingProblem DefinitionData AnalysisBig Data is the process of ____________ large and varied data sets.Capturing, understanding and distributingDetecting, merging and analyzingCapturing, merging and analyzingSecuring, validating and storingResearching, analyzing and storingQuestion 2. Question:A great source of "Voice of the Customer" (VOC) data is:StructuredMobileOmni-transactionalUnstructuredSocialPoints Received: 0 of 3Comments:Question 3. Question:Which type of marketing research focuses on the short- or long-term decisions that the firm must make with respect to the elements of the marketing mix?PlanningDecision makingProblem solvingPerformance monitoringControlved: 3 of 3Question 4. Question:Which of the following are ways to judge the accuracy of secondary data?Consider the source of the dataLook at the sponsor of the research that yielded the secondary dataLook for evidence that the research was done properlyAll of the above are correctOnly B and C are correct.Question 5. Question:With secondary data, who incurs the expense of collecting it?The user of the secondary dataThe governmentNo one - secondary data by definition is always free.Taxpayers.The original compiler of the information.Question 6. Question:Acme Corporation has identified several new market opportunities, but has limited funds to invest and therefore cannot pursue them all. Which function of market research will it conduct to identify the most promising opportunities?: CORRECT PlanningDecision makingProblem SolvingPerformance monitoringControl0 of 3Question 7. Question:Which type of firm is one of the three major categories of firms that conduct Marketing Research?Marketing research companies.Advertising agencies.Companies that produce or sell products and services.All of the above.None of the above.Question 8. Question:A key distinction of a Marketing Information System (MIS) is that:The information is accurate.It can only be used by marketing managers.Information is collected on a regular basis.It does not involve focused reportsThe information is used in making marketing decisionsQuestion 9. Question:Which of the following is NOT one of the three dimensions of the framework for understanding Big Data?VolumeVastnessVelocityVarietyAll of the above are dimensions of the frameworkComments:Question 10. Question:The Town Square Tattler, gossip tabloid, has decided to do some market research to help it sell more advertising. What should it seek to learn through its research?Which of its stories are most popular.The demographic profile of its audience.How much readers are willing to pay for an issue.The size of its total readership.Both B and D.* Times are displayed in (-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)The decision to use observation methods of data collection requires that the researcher specify:Who is to be observed.What aspects of the behavior should be reported.When the observation is to be made.Where the observation is to be made.All of the above.Question 2. Question:Which of the following types of primary data can be measured by observation?Attitudes and opinionsMotivations and present behaviorGender and current behaviorSocial class and genderMotivations and intentionsQuestion 3. Question:Observational data have the advantage over communication data in which of the following categories?Objectivity, cost, and speedObjectivity and accuracyObjectivity and speedSpeed and versatilityCost and versatilityQuestion 4. Question:Phone book sampling frames are inadequate because of: plus-one sampling.people who have recently moved or have unlisted numbers.random-digit dialing.interviewer bias.small sample size.Question 5. Question:"How do you feel about the Apple, Inc.?" is an example of which type of question?Fixed-alternativeStructuredOpen-endedClose-endeda, b, and c.Question 6. Question:Fixed-alternative questions would be inappropriate for securing information about respondents'apartment rental payments.motivations in husband-wife interactions over purchase decisions.age.awareness of current events.income level.Question 7. Question:Which of the following is an example of the observation method of collecting primary data?Administering a questionnaire to shoppers in a supermarket.Recording the amount of time a shopper stops in front of a point-of-purchase display.Asking shoppers which brand they noticed first in a shelf display.Conducting a telephone survey to determine which brands of detergent are purchased by mothers with young children.Using a tape recorder to gather shopper impressions of a new store layout design.Question 8. Question:Which of the following is a life-style characteristic?Social classInterestsAttitudesHome ownershipAgeQuestion 9. Question:Which of the following data collection methods provides the greatest degree of anonymity for respondents?Mail surveysPersonal interviewsOnline surveysTelephone interviewsMall interceptsQuestion 10. Question:Which of the following statements does NOT accurately describe the mail questionnaire?It allows a wide sample to be used.It allows a representative sample to be used.It is a relatively inexpensive means of recruiting respondents.It ensures that the correct person receives and completes the questionnaire.It is more suitable for contacting busy executives than a telephone or personal interview.To determine the degree to which the variables in a cross-tabulation analysis are independent of one another, a researcher should usecross tabulation variable independence test.Pearson chi-square test of independence.regression analysis.Cramer's V.Kendall's coefficient of concordance.Question 2. Question:Given a cross tabulation between years of education and income, we would compute percentages in the direction of years of education becausethe probability that given X income you will have Y years of education makes sense.the probability that given X years of education you will have Y income makes sense.It doesn't matter which way you do it.Both a and b.None of the above.Question 3. Question:The purpose of the coding process isto transform raw data into symbols.encrypt the raw data so that it is secure from unauthorized use.determine if the raw data meets minimum quality standards.detect incorrect or invalid responses.separate completed questionnaires from incomplete ones.Question 4. Question:Which of the following is FALSE about cross tabulations?Cross tabulations work equally well with continuous measures that have been recast as categorical measures.Cross tabulations are used for studying the relationships between two (or more) categorical variables.Recasting continuous measures into categories may result in lowered statistical power.Cross tabulation seeks to investigate the influence of the independent variable on the dependent variable.Recasting continuous measures into categories almost never results in the loss of information.Question 5. Question:When performing cross tabulations, percentages are always calculated in the direction of thedependent variable.independent variable.causal variable.Both a and b.Both b and c.17 Which of the assumptions listed below are necessary in order for the coefficients in a partial regression equation to be interpreted as the average change in the criterion variable associated with a unit change in the appropriate predictor variable holding other predictor variables constant?a. The predictor variables must be correlated.b. The variance among predictor variables must be equal.c. The criterion variable must be normally distributed.*d. The predictor variables must be uncorrelated.e. None of the above are necessary assumptions.Points Received: 3 of 3Question 6. Question:The following categories of ages are ____ and ____, but not ____.18-2425-3435-4445-5455 and overclosed-ended, exhaustive, mutually exhaustiveopen-ended, mutually exclusive, exhaustiveclosed-ended, mutually exclusive, exhaustiveexhaustive, mutually exclusive, open-endedNone of the above.Question 7. Question:In ANOVA, the independent variables are typically calledtreatments.factors.F-statistics.causal variables.tabulations.Question 8. Question:WhichUse as many columns as necessary for the field.Locate only one character in each column.Use alphabetic codes if possible.Use consistent codes for similar types of responses.Code in an identification number for each questionnaire.Question 9. Question:In most multivariate analyses, the goal is to see whether one _________ variable has an influence on another __________ variable.independent, predictorpredictor, outcomeindependent, outcomeoutcome, dependentBoth b and c.Question 10. Question:The editing process involves: the inspection of the data received from each sample element.the correction of the data received from each sample element.the transformation of the raw data received from each sample element into symbols.All of the above.Both a and b.Po


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