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Question;AssignmentDetailsandGradingRubric;Assignment;Title:Conducting;Primary Research;Developing;the ability to conduct primary research can be an invaluable asset to add to;your business tool belt. In this assignment, you will engage in developing the;following professional competencies related to marketing research;* Analyze qualitative data in;decision making.;Marketing;researchers conduct primary research to gain human perspective on the problem;or opportunity being studied, or to identify problems or opportunities for;study.;Directions for completing this;assignment;In this;assignment, you will analyze the Student Computer Lab case study. To;effectively meet the requirements of this assignment, analyze the qualitative;data derived from the primary research found in the case study scenario.;To successfully complete;this assignment, write a 2-3 page critical essay covering the following topics;1. Determine overall student;satisfaction with the computer lab.;2.;Provide an opinion describing if it was wise to have a group with both graduate;and undergraduate students included? Support your opinion with research.;3.;Analyze the focus group transcript very thoroughly. Make a list of problems and;ideas generated for the student computer lab.;4. What;do you see as the benefits and limitations of the focus group findings? Do you;think the task force plan for utilizing the focus groups is appropriate?;5. What;changes would you make to improve the problems or to capitalize on the;opportunities identified in the primary research? Collect and describe student;recommendations for improvements.;For additional requirements in;relation to this assignment, download the grading rubric below.;Directions for Submitting this;Assignment;Review;the grading rubric below before beginning this activity. For additional help;with your writing and APA citation, please visit the Kaplan University Writing;Center. Compose your Assignment as a Microsoft? Word? document and save it with;your first name initial and last name (Example: TAlex-MT355 Assignment-;Unit5.docx). Submit your file by selecting the Unit 5: Assignment Dropbox by;the end of Unit 5.;Grading;Rubric;Percent;Possible Score For This;Assignment: 100;Content, Focus, Use of Text/Outside Sources (60%) Percent;Possible Points;20%;8;20%;8;20%;8;60%;24;Determine the overall;sudent satisfaction;Computer Lab analysis of problems and ideas;Analysis;of the focus group findings;Analysis;and Critical Thinking (30%);7.5%;3;7.5%;3;7.5%;3;7.5%;3;30%;12;Recommendations;based on analysis Analysis is well thought out Flow of answers is logical;Considers different;positions on the issues;10%;4;100%;40;0;Writing Style Grammar, APA Format;Gross Assignment;Score;Less: Late Penalty(Per Policy)


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