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Question;Unit 2 [MT435:Operations Management];Page 1 of 4;Assignment Details and Rubric;Unit 2: Quality Management and Lean Systems Paper;Quality Management and Lean Systems Paper;In the modern world, businesses and individuals need to;optimize their efforts to gain;effectiveness and efficiency. Also, concepts of;sustainability, continuous improvement, and;processes that ensure increased value are considered to;track operations management towards;success.;Many of the terms of quality management and lean systems;come from Japanese culture and;language, due to Dr. W. Edwards Deming?s research occurring;in Japan. Deming is often;referred to as The Father of Quality due to his foundational;role in the establishment of Quality;Management.;Examine the business concepts of quality management and lean;systems;Quality Management;1. Dimensions of Quality;2. Cost of Quality;3. Six Sigma;4. ISO;5. Quality tools;Lean Systems;1. JIT;2. Lean Production;3. Kanban;4. Kaizen;5. Poka-yokeUnit 2 [MT435:Operations Management];Page 2 of 4;Then, select one concept from each of the lists above and;compose your paper to include;? One aspect of quality management;? One aspect of lean systems;Also, close your paper with the following observations from;your research;- The importance of Deming?s research to the foundation of;quality, and what you could do;now, to implement the concepts you selected, to your own;life and work.;Complete your work in an APA style paper including;? APA Cover Page;? APA Content with Indented Paragraphs (3 Full Pages);? APA Reference Page;? APA Formatted Citations (3 References Minimum);Directions for Submitting Your Paper;Write your paper in a Microsoft Word document and save it in;a location that includes your name and;the title. Submit your paper to the Unit 2: Assignment;Dropbox.;MT435 Unit 2 Assignment;Quality Management and Lean;Systems Paper;Content (50%) 30 pts. (3 Full;Pages of Content);Points;Possibl;e;Points Earned;Select one Quality Management;concept (select 1 of the 5 items;listed) and discuss its;implications to include the;findings of your study and;research.;10Unit 2 [MT435:Operations Management];Page 3 of 4;Select one Lean Systems;concept (select 1 of the 5 items;listed) and discuss its;implications to include the;findings of your study and;research.;10;Make observations related to the;importance of Deming?s research;to the foundation of quality, and;what you could do now, to;implement the concepts you;selected, to your own life and;work.;10;Analysis (30%) 18 pts.;Work demonstrates synthesis of;concepts, research, and;experience.;6;Work demonstrates the student?s;ability to tie relevant information;to real life applications.;6;Analysis exceeds basic;comprehension to demonstrate;higher order thinking.;6;Writing (20%) 12 pts.;Correct use of APA 6th edition;format, all sources used to;support the paper are referenced;3 references minimum;4Unit 2 [MT435:Operations Management];Page 4 of 4;Sentences are clear, concise;and direct, tone is appropriate;4;Spelling, grammar, and;punctuation are correct;4;Total 60


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