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Question;Writing Assignment Week 2 Starbucks/Dancing MulePossible Points = 30Content: Did the student provide all of the following information? (16pts)? Provided background Porter?s Five Forces Model using text book.? Provided a synopsis of Starbuck?s and Dancing Mule websites content and ideas.? Which company do you suggest your friend invest?? Explain you answer using Porter?s Five Forces Model. Give examples.0Focus (6pts)? Did the student make clear, specific references to the reading?? Did the majority of comments include specific details?? Were the comments well-supported?0Followed Instructions (5pts)? Work was not late.? Turned in as requested in assignment instructions.? Introduction, body, and conclusion.0Writing and Language (3pts)? Comments are articulate and show a high level of thought.? Writing is well-organized, unified, and error-free.? Included the citation for the references in the proper format.0Total Points0Deduction for Late Work (Minimum 50% of total)Writing Assignment Week 2:0Comments


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