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Strayer Mkt100 week 6-11 discussions




Question;week 6"Pricing Strategy and Pricing Management" Please respond to the following:*;From the simulation, you learned about the importance of identifying a;pricing objective before developing the pricing strategy. OatHealth is a;brand of oatmeal marketed by Health And You all over the U.S. The;company has been noticing a decline in sales. An external consultant;appointed by the company has attributed the sales drop to issues in;pricing. Determine a pricing objective, and discuss a new pricing;strategy that could help the company revive its falling sales.*;From the e-Activity, give examples of two (2) products that rely on;their price to woo customers, and demonstrate the manner in which;pricing management must go hand in hand with the identification of the;correct target market. Provide a rationale for your response.7Question"Global Trade and Distribution Strategy" Please respond to the following:Illustrate;the role of supply-chain management in the global movement of goods;from one country to another, and explain its overall impact on local;trade. Support your answer with examples of such an impact in action.*;From the simulation, describe the characteristics of the target market;for the Achilles Kids shoes and propose a distribution strategy that;would work for this target market. Provide a rationale for your;response.week 8 discusss"Retail Environment" Please respond to the following:*;From the first e-Activity, analyze the overall role of store associates;in serving consumers who are better informed through technology.;Support your answer with examples.* From the;simulation, suggest key strategies that Achilles Ks, a mass market shoe;line, could use in order to modify its retailing approach if it were a;luxury shoe line.9Question"Integrated Marketing Communications and Elements of Promotion Mix" Please respond to the following:Debate It: The majority of promotional activities are deceptive. Provide a rationale for your response.*;From the simulation, outline three (3) ideas that Achilles? public;relations campaign could use in order to counter the false allegation;that the company is involved in using exotic leathers illegally to make;formal shoes for women. Justify your response.10"Personal Selling and Sales Objectives" Please respond to the following:Compare;and contrast a personal selling experience with buying goods or;services online as opposed to at a retail outlet, and explain your;preference as a marketer. Provide a rationale for your response.*;From the simulation, propose key methods that a company may use in;order to realistically set its sales objectives. Support your answer;with examples of ways in which these proposed methods have worked in the;past.11Question"Looking Back and Looking Ahead" Please respond to the following:Summarize what you have learned in this class in 140 characters or less (something you could post on Twitter).Predict;what new forms of marketing you could expect to see in the next 10 to;20 years. Provide specific (and creative) examples to support your;response.


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