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Question;Scenario;Marketing;Congratulations. You have;just been named marketing manager of a major franchise. Your job will be to;perform the daily tasks of a marketing manager.;So what does a;Marketing Manager do? As you know, marketing plays an essential;role in almost every industry segment. In its simplest form, marketing;management is about making certain that customers' needs and wants are met;while increasing the profits of a company. A marketing manager's;responsibilities can vary a great deal, but will always have this as a central;purpose.;Click here to learn more about being a;Marketing Manager.;Let?s get started.;Select one of the companies;below for which you would like to be Marketing Manager.;Edible Arrangements? -;Edible fruit baskets ? Creates fresh fruit arrangements and gourmet chocolate;dipped fruit to order.;Cartridge World? -;Cartridge Company - carries a complete line of both inkjet and toner printer;cartridges. Offers both remanufactured and Original Brand (OEM) ink and toner;cartridges for nearly all brands of printers, copiers, fax and postage;machines.;Liberty Tax Service? -;Taxes ? provides tax service to both consumers and businesses.;Assumptions;Your plan is to;aggressively go after the consumer and business market creating dual revenue;streams. Your marketing strategy, research marketing mix and customer;relationship marketing will be different for both groups.;In this;scenario, you will be responsible for the following;Explain how marketing;strategies influence marketing decisions. In addition you will be conducting;the following tasks;?;Observing and analyzing market trends.;?;Examining competitors' products and services.;?;Investigating ways of improving existing products;and services, and increasing profitability.;?;Identifying target markets and developing;strategies to communicate with them.;Assignment;There are two parts to this;Assignment be sure to complete both parts.;Part 1: Write a brief paragraph;that answers the following questions. (This should not be in Question/Answer;Format).;1.;Which;company did you choose as your focus in this Marketing Management Assignment?;Where are the company's headquarters located?;2.;What;is the mission statement of the company you chose to study?;3.;The;previous marketing manager developed an advertising campaign before the;marketing strategy. How could this advertising campaign potentially create;problems for the product?;Part 2:You are making your first;presentation to the CEO of the organization. Your goal is to complete thefollowing;tasks for your consumer and business-to-business marketing strategy planning;document;?;Using;the SMART acronym, list several objectives you wish to accomplish.;?;Discuss;the customer targets (target market). Provide for the CEO a more specific;description of which customers you (the marketing manager) want to persuade to;buy the product or service.;?;For;each customer target the competitor targets must be identified. Which are the;brands or companies that offer the most likely competition for that customer?;?;What;do you see as the value proposition? Summarize into a single paragraph.;o The customer.;o The;competitive targets.;o The;customer?s reason for buying your brand.;?;The;value proposition forms the basis for the marketing mix. Describe your;marketing mix for your consumer market and business-to-business market.;?;Discuss;your competitive advantage ? the strategic development of some basis on which;customers will choose a firm?s product or service over its competitors?.;Examples;o Cost-based or price-based advantage;o Quality-based;or differentiation advantage;o Perceived quality or brand-based;advantage;?;The;Product Life Cycle (PLC) is defined for a product category (not a particular;brand) and illustrates the sales history of the category over time. The;strategic options available to the marketing manager vary over the life cycle;as does the importance of various marketing-mix elements. Although the PLC should;not be followed religiously because category characteristics can vary widely;it is a useful conceptual tool. Where do you see your product on the PLC? What;would be your strategy based on your response?;?;Thinking;of your consumer market, how can you get current customers of the product or;service to buy;more? Do the same for your;business-to-business product or service.;Provide;a 3-5 page (APA formatted) marketing strategy plan paper with at least three;supporting references that addresses this Assignment. You should include at;least one illustration which can be included in the body of your paper or;appendix.;Assignment Checklist;?;Write your original response;in Standard American English, paying special attention to grammar, style, and;mechanics.;?;Respond to the Assignment;criteria in a thorough manner, by addressing the specific objectives listed in;the grading rubric.;?;Ensure that your viewpoint;and purpose are clearly stated.;?;Demonstrate logical and;appropriate transitions from one idea to another.;?;Your paper should be highly;organized, logical, and focused.;NOTE: Your paper should be in APA;format and cite all references used.;Submit to the Unit 1: Assignment;Dropbox.;For assistance with APA format and;citation style, visit the Kaplan University Writing Center.;Grading Rubric Unit 1 Assignment;100%;40;Percent;Possible;Points;Specific;Paper Objectives: Assignment Checklist (80%);Company information;8;3.2;Mission statement;9;3.6;Marketing strategy;question;9;3.6;SMART Goals;9;3.6


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