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Strayer MKT510 week 6-8 discussions




Question;Week 6 Discussion 1;Consumer;Lifestyle" Please respond to the following;?;From the first e-Activity, determine;whether or not the VALS test provides an accurate representation of your buying;habits. Speculate if the results of the survey will change over time, citing;key external factors that would cause the results to differ.;?;From the second e-Activity, examine;the pros and cons of business owners trying to use the Nielsen?s Website;without paying for any further services from the organization. Examine the;additional insights that Nielsen?s has to offer, and determine whether it is;more beneficial to pay for Nielsen?s extra services or to complete the research;on your own.;Week 6 Discussion 2;Situational Influences" Please respond to the following;From the third e-Activity, speculate, from;the U.S. Census market projections, what key situational variables will;influence the dog owner target market. Provide two ideas of how premium pet;product manufacturers can use this information in their market strategies.;Examine three to five ways in which;consumer behavior and ritual situations interrelate. Determine whether or not;there are structural or content elements shared by all types of consumer;purchases in regard to ritual situations.;Week 7 Discussion 1;Problem Recognition" Please respond to the following;According to the textbook, consumer need;recognition is triggered by internal and external stimuli. Analyze two consumer;market segments with regard to internal and external stimuli. Determine whether;the external or internal stimuli are more effective in stimulating purchase;behavior for those within the two market segments.;According to the textbook, some consumers;mentally evaluate products without purchasing them. Analyze three characteristics;of consumers who delay in making decisions for major purchases. Propose three;marketing strategies that could be employed to motivate consumers to purchase.;Week 7 Discussion 2;Information Searches" Please respond to the following;Examine the relationship between type of;decision (low involvement, medium involvement, high involvement) and whether a;product featured in the video is within the evoked set of the consumer.;Determine what consumer characteristics influence a marketer?s choice of video;type.;Propose one way to use search engine;optimization (SEO) to organize marketing campaigns around searches that have;the need for utilitarian value, such as how-to videos or articles. Speculate as;to a) whether or not a SEO will be a successful approach to a marketing;campaign, and b) what other values (e.g., social needs, status, aesthetics;etc.) could be displayed within the advertising medium to improve on the;marketing strategy.;Week 8 Discussion 1;Consumer Choice" Please respond to the following;Examine the benefits and drawbacks of;consumers having fewer product choices. Predict the implications of carrying;fewer products for retailers, such as reduced costs, shelving design, and;consumer reactions.;Analyze two attribute-based choices that;consumers make when dealing with retail goods and services. Determine two ways;that pricing structures are influenced by attribute-based choices.;Week 8 Discussion 2;Simple Versus Complex" Please respond to the following;Examine two emotions that play a part in;simple consumer behavior choices. Determine which marketing strategies are best;for simple consumer behavior choices. Provide a rationale for your response to;the latter.;According to the textbook, extended;decision making occurs in high involvement products. Select two marketing;strategies discussed in the textbook that are effective in luring away;brand-loyal customers for high involvement products. Justify your;selection.


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