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Question;12). what does the degree of brand familiarity imply about previous and future promotion efforts? How the degree of brand familiarity does effects the place and price.22). what kind of business products are following:(a). lubricating oil,(b). electric motors(c) a firm that provides landscaping and grass mowing for an apartment complex? Explain your reason.15) How would the marketing mix for a staple convenience product differ from the one for a homogeneous shopping product? How would the mix for a special product differ from the mix for a heterogeneous shopping product? Use examples.6). what characteristics of a new product will help it to move through the early stages of the product life cycle more quickly? Briefly discuss each characteristic-illustrating with a product of your choice. Indicate how each characteristic might be viewed in some other country.9). Discuss how you might use the new-product development process if you were thinking about offering some kind of summer service to residents in a beach resort town.1). Explain how industry sales and industry profits be-have over the product life circle.


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