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Marketing 515




Question;Discussion 1: Problem Recognition" Please respond to the following;According to the textbook, consumer need recognition is triggered by;internal and external stimuli. Analyze two consumer market segments;with regard to internal and external stimuli. Determine whether the;external or internal stimuli are more effective in stimulating purchase;behavior for those within the two market segments.According to the textbook, some consumers mentally evaluate products;without purchasing them. Analyze three characteristics of consumers who;delay in making decisions for major purchases. Propose three marketing;strategies that could be employed to motivate consumers to purchase.Discussion 2;Information Searches" Please respond to the following;Examine the relationship between type of decision (low involvement;medium involvement, high involvement) and whether a product featured in;the video is within the evoked set of the consumer. Determine what;consumer characteristics influence a marketer?s choice of video type.Propose one way to use search engine optimization (SEO) to organize;marketing campaigns around searches that have the need for utilitarian;value, such as how-to videos or articles. Speculate as to a) whether or;not a SEO will be a successful approach to a marketing campaign, and b);what other values (e.g., social needs, status, aesthetics, etc.) could;be displayed within the advertising medium to improve on the marketing;strategy.


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