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Question;Discussion1;Consumer Lifestyle" Please respond to the following;From the first e-Activity, determine whether or not the VALS test provides;an accurate representation of your buying habits. Speculate if the results of;the survey will change over time, citing key external factors that would cause;the results to differ.;From the second e-Activity, examine the pros and cons of business owners;trying to use the Nielsen?s Website without paying for any further services from;the organization. Examine the additional insights that Nielsen?s has to offer;and determine whether it is more beneficial to pay for Nielsen?s extra services;or to complete the research on your own. Discussion 2: Situational Influences" Please respond to the following;From the third e-Activity, speculate, from the U.S. Census market;projections, what key situational variables will influence the dog owner target;market. Provide two ideas of how premium pet product manufacturers can use this;information in their market strategies.;Examine three to five ways in which consumer behavior and ritual situations;interrelate. Determine whether or not there are structural or content elements;shared by all types of consumer purchases in regard to ritual situations.


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