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Saint MBA565 midterm spring 2014




Question;A clock and watch manufacturer realizes that she is operating in the market for machines that measure time. How should this market be segmented? Identify the key segmentation variables that are relevant for this market. Q2You are in charge of all marketing activities in North America for the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Maserati. Maserati has just introduced a new model that will be competing directly against well-known luxury sports cars such as Porsche, Ferrari, Jaguar, and BMW. How would you position the new Maserati model? How would you establish and support this positioning strategy?Q3A large international rental car company decides to develop a customer retention program. The program's goal is to motivate its heavy users to continue being loyal to the company by offering them appropriate incentives. Create a marketing research plan to help the company design the retention program. Specifically, you need to identify:. 1.Why this program is important.2.The type of information the company needs to design the retention program.3.Where to get this information.


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