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Question;Question 1.1.(TCO 3) Advertising to;teens typically depicts _____. (Points;5);respected adults recommending;the productqualified experts explaining;the benefit of the product"in" teens using;the productfamily members of two or;three generations using the product together;Question 2.2.(TCO 5) Research has;indicated that the color _____ creates feelings of arousal and stimulates;appetite. (Points: 5);blueredyellowblack;Question 3.3.(TCO 2) When new immigrants;arrive in this country, they tend to cluster geographically. The primary;source of information and advice for this group comes from which of the;following? (Points: 5);AdvertisingConsulates or embassiesThe local community where the;immigrant locatesRelatives in the immigrant's;home country;Question 4.4.(TCO 1) Walmart tracks the;habits of the 100 million customers who visit its stores each week and;responds with products and services directed toward those customers;needs based on the information collected. This is an example of;marketing. (Points: 5);undifferentiateddatabaserelationshipconsumer-generated;Question 5.5.(TCO;1) Identify the difference between a need and a want.(Points: 40);Question 6.6.(TCO;7) Describe the basic premise of motivational research and how it might be;conducted.(Points: 40)


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