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Consumer Behavior




Question;Week 4 Discussion 1:Product Placement" Please respond to the following;From the first e-Activity, compare four products on the market today;that are not using product placement in TV, movies, and videogames.;Point out the themes or trends that are present among these products.Examine public service campaigns and their ability to change the;perceptions of societal values. Determine whether the techniques that;they use have or have not worked to change consumption for societal;good. Provide examples to support your position. Week 4 Discussion 2;High and Low Involvement Products" Please respond to the following;Analyze the factors that affect learning for high and low;involvement products. Determine which marketing strategies are most;effective for repositioning a product within the consumer?s mind for the;two types of products.From the second e-Activity, analyze what has made your brand;selection marketable over time. Identify which external factors have;occurred that have affected consumer behavior and the strategies;involved in keeping the Best Global Brands on this exclusive list. Note;the similarities and differences between your classmates? examinations.


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