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MKT 510 Consumer Behavior




Question;Discussion 1:"Subcultures and Households" Please respond to the following;Suggest two ethnic subcultures that could benefit from a targeted marketing;strategy to promote products. Support your reasoning. Determine whether or not;the sizes of these subcultures are large enough to support the expense of a;tailored marketing campaign.;From the e-Activity, project how marketing to segment of the stay-at-home;dads will affect the buying behavior of their children in years to come.;Determine two ways to counteract or foster the positive or negative influences;for products that you believe may be affected. Discussion 2: Reference Groups" Please respond to the following;Examine how communication strategies work in conjunction with reference;groups. Select two different reference groups, and determine whether reference;group communication assists or inhibits the consumption process.;Analyze the diffusion curve to determine which diffusion enhancement;strategies can be beneficial to the late majority and laggards. Determine if;reference groups can influence these categories, or if purchases of those in;these categories are stimulated by some other factor entirely.


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