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Question;Question 1The volume that results in total revenue being equal to total cost is the??.. a. marginal volume.?.. b.. break-even point.?.. c.. profit mix.?.. d.. marginal cost..???3 points QUESTION 2.?Activities K, M and S immediately follow activity H, and their latest start times are 14, 18, and 11.?The latest finish time for activity H??.. a.. is 11.?.. b.. cannot be determined.?.. c.. is 18.?.. d.. is 14.?.???3 points QUESTION 3.?When activity times are uncertain,??.. a.. use the most likely time?.. b.. assume they are normally distributed?.. c.. calculate the expected time, using (a + 4m + b)/6.?.. d.. calculate the expected time, using (a + m + b)/3.?.???3 points QUESTION 4.?Which of the following is always true about a critical activity???.. a.. LF = LS.?.. b.. EF = ES.?.. c.. ES = LS.?.. d.. LS = EF.?.???3 points QUESTION 5.?Which of the following is a general rule for crashing activities???.. a.. Crash the path with the fewest activities.?.. b.. Crash activities with zero slack.?.. c.. Crash only non-critical activities.?.. d.. Crash activities with the greatest number of predecessors.?.???3 points QUESTION 6.?When the value of the output cannot be determined even if the value of the controllable input is known, the model is??.. a.. digital.?.. b.. deterministic.?.. c.. analog.?.. d.. stochastic.?.???3 points QUESTION 7. A simulation model uses the mathematical expressiios and logicl relaionships of the??.. a.. real system?.. b.. computer model?.. c.. performance measures?.. d.. estimated inferences?.???3 points QUESTION 8. A quantity that is difficult to measure with certainty is called a??.. a.. risk analysis?.. b.. project determinant?.. c.. probabilistic input?.. d.. profit/loss process?.???3 points QUESTION 9.?The number of units expected to be sold is uniformly distributed between 300 and 500. If r is a random number between 0 and 1, then the proper expression for sales is??.. a.. 200(r)?.. b.. r + 300?.. c.. 300 + 500(r)?.. d.. 300 + r(200)?.???3 points QUESTION 10. When events occur at discrete points in time??.. a.. A simulation clock is required?.. b.. the simulation advances to the next event?.. c.. the model is a discrete event simulation?.. d.. All of the alternatives are correct?.???3 points QUESTION 11. In order to verify a simulation model??.. a.. compare results from several simulation languages?.. b.. be sure that the procedure for calculation is correct?.. c.. confirm that the model accurately represents the real system?.. d.. run the model long enough to overcome initial startup results?.???3 points QUESTION 12. Simulation??... does not guarantee optimality?... is flexible and does not require the assumptions of theoretical models?... allows testing of the system without affecting the real system?... all of the alternatives are correct?Chapter 9. ProblemGiven this network with activities and times estimated in days,Activity Optimistic MostProbable Pessimistic A 2 5 6 B 1 3 7 C 6 7 10 D 5 12 14 E 3 4 5 F 8 9 12 G 4 6 8 H 3 6 8 I 5 7 12 J 12 13 14 K 1 3 4 a. What are the critical path activities?b. What is the expected time to complete the project?c. What is the probability the project will take more than 28 days to complete?


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