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Question;200 word eachWEEK 9 DQ 1;Watch the video titled ?Michael;Porter - on Five Forces Model? (13 min 12 s). Be prepared to discuss. Video;Source: Marketing FAQ, (2011, December 15). Michael Porter- on Five Forces;Model [Video file]. Retrieved fromhere.;This video can also be viewed below.;Read the article titled, "Porter's Five Forces - A Model;for Industry Analysis", locatedhere.;Be prepared to discuss.;;Competitive;Advantages" Please respond to the following;Suggest the best overall method;that a company may use in order to measure its competitive advantage. Provide;an example to justify your response.;Discuss one (1) indicator to a firm that signals that it is;either gaining or losing its competitive advantage. Include one (1) example to;support your response.;DQ 2;Porter?s;Five Forces Theory" Please respond to the following;From the first e-Activity;describe Porter?s Five Forces Model of industry competition. Give your opinion;on how the various barriers to entry are relevant to global marketing.;From the second e-Activity, choose a global company in a;competitive industry that you are familiar with, and complete each area of the;Five Forces MS Excel template for the company that you have chosen. Discuss the;process that led you to decide upon the chosen factors and the manner in which;they align themselves with Porter?s Five Forces Theory. Note: The Five Forces;MS Excel template can be found in the online course shell.


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