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Strayer MKT505 week 10 and 11 discussions




Question;WEEK 10 DQ 1;Organizational;Development"Please respond to the following;?;Determine the top three to five;(3-5) factors that lead to the establishment of an international division;within an organization on the cusp of increasing its global business activities.;Describe each factor that you have chosen, and rank them in the order of;importance. Provide a rationale for the response.;Determine three (3) typical global marketing activities that;companies should centralize at their headquarters and three (3) typical;activities that they should delegate to national or regional subsidiaries.;Provide a rationale to support your determination.;DQ 2;McDonald?s;Social Responsibility" Please respond to the following;?;From the e-Activity, evaluate;McDonald?s level of responsiveness to social responsibility concerns. Include;an example from your observation of your local McDonald's to support your;response.;?;From the e-Activity, analyze;the fundamental ways in which the three (3) dimensions discussed (i.e., ideological;societal, and operational) afford different perspectives on corporate social;responsibility for McDonald?s. Next, using these three (3) dimensions as the;frame of reference, suggest a new tactic that McDonald?s could use to increase;the level of responsiveness to social responsibility concerns.;(e-Activity);;WEEK 11 DQ 1;Course;Wrap-Up" Please respond to the following;?;Identify three (3) concepts;from this class that you found to be of significant value. Explain the manner;in which you plan to apply these concepts in your current position at work, a;future position desired, or to your life.;Comment on the way(s) in which this course has synthesized your;MBA course work to date.;DQ 2;Reflection;on the Course" Please respond to the following;?;Determine the topic(s) in this;course that have changed your perception of global marketing. Justify your;response.;Based on the marketing concepts you learned from this course;describe the strategies you will apply to your current career and / or;business. Explain in detail and provide real-world examples.


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