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BMAl 590 Week 7 Quiz Foundations of Marketing




Question;Which of the following terms does not describe one of the four broad categories of competitive priorities that a company can pursue?A CostB QualityC MarketingD Time/deliveryE FlexibilityA low-cost operations strategy can be achieved by all of the following exceptA investing in new and faster equipmentB reducing scrapC finding new finance optionsD eliminating wasteE eliminating unused capacityWhich of the following terms means offering something that customers will pay a premium for, or something that outshines the competition?A FlexibilityB Superior qualityC Exceptional reliabilityD Consistent qualityE Low-cost supplierOn-time delivery describes a company's ability toA decrease the time between major product changesB deliver a product when promisedC make a product that exactly fits customer needsD handle a wide range of products without undue costsE set short-term objectivesWhich of the following defines why a company exists, outlines a company's core values, and positions the company within its market?A Mission statementB Functional strategyC Business strategyD Operations best practicesE Competitive prioritiesMore specific details are provided by breaking the high-level business strategies intoA mission statementsB functional strategiesC business strategiesD operations best practicesE competitive prioritiesWhich of the following is/are fundamental differences between services and manufacturing?A The nature of outputB The degree of customer contact and co-productionC Simultaneous production and consumptionD A,B, and C are fundamental differencesE A, B, and C are not fundamental differencesOf the following phrases, which is one of the most distinctive features of a service?A Customer involvement in the production process.B The lack of variability in the processC Site selectionD The inability to customize the service bundleE The ability to easily standardizeOrganizations are linked in a supply chain by the exchange or flow of all of the following exceptA physical goodsB informationC brand identityD monetary exchangeE All of the above are exchanged in supply chains.Which of the following is a strategic issue in operations management?A Supply chain strategyB Demand forecastingC Simulation modelingD Lean practicesE Project managementFirms undertake quality and process improvement efforts to achieve all the following goals exceptA cost reductionB reduced profitabilityC customer satisfaction enhancementD increased customer loyaltyE increased market shareIn the long term which of the following is not the result of an organization's quality improvement efforts?A Higher customer satisfactionB Positive word of mouthC Enhancement of a firm's reputationD Increased market shareE Employee turnover rateWhich of the following is not considered a dimension of product quality?A PerformanceB CommunicationC ReliabilityD DurabilityE ServiceabilityWhich term refers to a customer associating the quality of a product with the image of the company?A ReputationB AestheticsC Special featuresD DurabilityE ConformanceSecurity as a dimension of service quality meansA the willingness to assist customersB having the knowledge to perform the serviceC recognizing that confidentiality is important in service deliveryD the service provider's politeness and friendlinessE physical characteristics of the service providerThe award created by the U.S. government in 1987 to help improve quality and competitiveness of U.S. companies by recognizing the highest performing organizations is theA Deming PrizeB Malcolm Baldrige National Quality AwardC American Society for Quality Achievement AwardD Lombardi TrophyE The Academy of Quality National AwardWhich of the following is not one of the four quality absolutes as defined by Philip Crosby?A Quality is defined as conformance to requirements.B The system for causing quality is prevention, not appraisal.C Management must enforce quality levels.D The performance standard must be zero defects.E The measurement of quality is the price of nonconformance.What percentage of the area of a normal curve is between +2 and -2 standard deviations?A 0B 0.683C 0.955D 0.997E 1Quality improvement efforts are often credited with reducingA the number of found defectsB overall production costsC the number of sales personnelD quality initiativesE the required number of control chartsThe Six Sigma approach is implemented using a structured five-step plan known asA ISO implementation procedureB Deming's 14 pointsC the Taguchi functionD DMAICE MBNQAWhich of the following is not a common source of customer feedback?A Customer satisfaction measurement effortsB Customer choice analysisC Customer panelsD BlogsE Advertising agenciesA structured process for comparing business practices is known as what?A Customer panelsB BenchmarkingC Quality circlesD BrainstormingE BloggingA quality circle is a way of getting feedback from what group?A CustomersB EmployeesC SuppliersD CompetitorsE Supply chain membersWhich of the following is a qualitative technique that provides a systematic method for generating a large number of creative problem solving ideas from many different individuals?A Quality circlesB BrainstormingC BenchmarkingD Customer satisfactionE Affinity diagramsWhen one idea branches into two or more sub-ideas, each of which branches into further sub-ideas, the appropriate problem-solving technique is what?A Interrelationship diagramB Affinity diagramC Pareto diagramD Tree diagramE Fishbone diagramWhich of the following summarizes a large number of observations in a few data categories?A Bar chartB HistogramC Check sheetD Tree diagramE ScattergramA scatter diagram is used to graph what?A Continuous dataB Pareto dataC Nonlinear dataD Pairs of numerical dataE Qualitative dataWhich of the following is a quantitative quality improvement tool?A Affinity diagramsB Tree diagramsC Process decision prochartsD FMEAE SPC chartOn a SPC chart, if a data point falls outside the control limits, the process is said to be what?A RandomB SpecialC CapableD Out of controlE ScatteredTypical control limits are how many standard deviations from the mean?A 0B 1C 2D 3E 6Making the size of a gas pump nozzle different from that of a diesel pump nozzle is an example of what technique?A Mistake-proofingB BenchmarkingC SamplingD BrainstormingE FMEAIf you conclude that a soda-filling machine is not filling bottles completely, based on the results of a sample, when the bottles actually contain the necessary amount of liquid, is an example of what type of error?A Type II errorB Beta errorC A false positiveD Sampling errorE Standard errorWhat term describes a process for which a prespecified percentage of measurements fall inside the specifications limits?A RandomB SpecialC CapableD Out of controlE ScatteredAir pressure must be in a tight range for the proper performance of aerosol air fresheners. Engineering specifications call for 50 psi of pressure with an upper tolerance of 55 psi and a lower tolerance of 45 psi. A sample from the previous week's production had a mean of 51 psi and a standard deviation of 1.5 psi. What is the capability of the process?A 4.5B 4C 6D 0.89E 1.33Attribute data can be tracked on what type of control chart?A X bar chartB P chartC R chartD SPC chartE Counting chartProjects generally have all the following characteristics exceptA A well-defined goalB A specified beginningC A specified ending timeD A specified budgetE A repeated processBeing an expert in information integration, project scope, time management, quality management, human resources, communications, risk, and procurement are beneficial skills for what member of a project management team?A Project plannerB Project sponsorC Project managerD Project accountantE Project auditorWhich of the following relationships between cost, time, and scope is not realistic?A Increased scope, decreased cost, and decreased timeB Increased scope, increased cost, and increased timeC Decreased time, increased cost, and decreased scopeD Decreased cost, decreased time, and decreased scopeE All of the above are realisticWhich of the following is not a project management tool?A Work breakdown structure (WBS)B Precedence analysisC Gantt chartD Activity ordering analysis (AOA)A network diagram is used to show what?A Crashing costsB Precedence relationshipsC Human resource assignmentsD Equipment allocationE All of the aboveWhich is true about the critical path?A It is the longest network pathB It has the most activitiesC It has the most riskD It has the highest quality implicationsE It can be crashed the mostThe amount of leeway each activity has in its starting time and duration without delaying the project.A Standard timeB Normal timeC Crash timeD Slack timeE Critical timeWhich of the following is not a time estimate used in PERT?A Critical timeB Optimistic timeC Pessimistic timeD Most likely timeE Expected timeWhen computing the expected time for a project, which time estimate is weighted the most?A Critical timeB Optimistic timeC Pessimistic timeD Most likely timeE Expected timeWhich is not a general risk category for project management?A Financial resource riskB Supply riskC Human resources riskD Quality riskE Management riskProject risk can be grouped into four categories. Which of the following is not one of the categories?A SeverityB ProbabilityC TimingD Dynamic riskE PersonnelThe percentage of the project?s scope that will be affected by a problem defines which project risk classification?A SeverityB ProbabilityC TimingD Dynamic riskE PersonnelWhich of the following is not a reason projects succeed?A Strong project leadershipB Clear, measurable goalsC Declining material pricesD Well-defined implementation planE A sense of urgency


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