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Question;question 1.1.Question #1 (50 points)Porsche, the German sports car manufacturer is trying to expand into new markets by using the ?Porsche? brand name.Currently they are contemplating the following product lines:A line of women?s luxury perfumesAthletic shoes for track and field training, both for men and womenFashionable and elegant casual clothes for menA vacuum cleanerUsing the concept of brand elasticity, evaluate for each one of these products:1.1 The advantages and potential problems of expanding into each of the product lines.1.2 Which ones (if any) they should pursue based on your analysis in For the extension(s) you selected in 1.2, describe a TV commercial that would promote the product under the ?Porsche? brand name. Which of thePorsche?sbrand image elements would you emphasize in this commercial and why?Question #2 (50 points)For the last 50 yearsToyotaandGeneral Motorshave been the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. They produced cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs at all levels.GMcreated a number of separate brands, whereasToyotaused the ?Toyota? umbrella brand name for all its products except forLexusin the luxury segment.Putting aside financial strategy issues as well as relationships with unions, etc., look purely at the branding strategy of these companies and:1.1 Describe each companies? overall branding strategy and portfolio1.2 Critique the strategies. What did they do right? What were their mistakes?


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