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Question;Week 9 Discussion 1"Competitive Advantages" Please respond to the following:?Suggest the best overall method that a company may use in order to measure its competitive advantage. Provide an example to justify your response.?Discuss one (1) indicator to a firm that signals that it is either gaining or losing its competitive advantage. Include one (1) example to support your responseWeek 9 Discussion 2Porter?s Five Forces Theory" Please respond to the following:?From the first e-Activity, describe Porter?s Five Forces Model of industry competition. Give your opinion on how the various barriers to entry are relevant to global marketing.?From the second e-Activity, choose a global company in a competitive industry that you are familiar with, and complete each area of the Five Forces MS Excel template for the company that you have chosen. Discuss the process that led you to decide upon the chosen factors and the manner in which they align themselves with Porter?s Five Forces Theory. Note: The Five Forces MS Excel template can be found in the online course shell.


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