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Marketing Assignment 2 - Place (Distribution Strategy) and Promotion




Question;Assignment 2: Place (Distribution Strategy) and;Promotion;Using the Waters;Bottling Companyin Module 1, continue to build the Marketing;Plan Sections for the product you have selected/ invented/ created.;Complete the following in MS Word: Be concise and complete in your analysis of;each plan element. Your employer wants to know you have left nothing out in;your analysis.;Scenario;You are the new marketing;manager to The Waters Bottling Company (WBC) of Munsonville, NH. They;have never done any marketing for their water before so they will need to be;educated as to the role of marketing in their company?s success. They started;their company last year and want to ?do it right? according to their president;and founder, Dr. M. Waters. (The M stands for Muddy so he prudently only uses;the initial. He also is rather fond of Blues music, which he would like to;incorporate into the marketing plan in some way.) They want to sell their;crystal clear, granite filtered mountain water to the ?right? market. It is;your job to identify that target market. At this point, they don?t even know;how the product should be packaged or have a name to identify it. You will get to;make that determination and carry that product through the entire Marketing;Plan.;This assignment represents Section 4 of the Marketing Plan. Use theguide to;identify the sections of the Marketing Plan and the marketing elements;contained therein. This assignment will focus on Section 4? Place;Promotion (Module 4).;Section 4 ? Place;Promotion (Module 4);Distribution Channels;Length & Width;Direct & Indirect;Vertical & Horizontal Channel Conflict;Promotion;Communication Process & Tools;Product Life Cycle;Push vs. Pull;You will create a;complete Marketing Plan by the end of the course. You will write the Fourth;section of the Marketing Plan for this assignment. Use the Marketing Planguide to;identify the sections of the Marketing Plan and the marketing elements;contained therein. This assignment will focus on Section 4 ? The Place;Promotion (Module 4).;Relate all responses using the WBC scenario and the product you have selected;to market in Module 1.;Create a 4- to 6-page Word document for this Marketing Plan Section. Apply a;standard business writing style using the Market Planning Guide sections as;your (headers/ sub heads/ bullets) to your work. Be sure to cite your work in;the APA format.;Assignment 2 Grading;Criteria;Maximum Points;Determine the;potential product distribution channels.;15;Identify the Length;and Width of the different distribution channel choices.;10;Discuss the;advantages/ disadvantages of the Vertical and Horizontal channel methods.;Identify any potential conflicts.;15;Examine the;Communication Process for the product. Create a guideline for each of the;Communication Process elements that will aid promotion development.;20;Analyze the promotion;activities as they relate to each of the stages of the Product Life Cycle for;this product.;20;Evaluate the Push;Pull promotion techniques for this product.;10;Writing components;Demonstrated understanding of readings, interpreting concepts, making;connections, and distinguishing between fact and opinion. Presented a;structured report free of spelling and grammatical errors, and applied;current writing standards for editorial style, expression of ideas, and;format of text, citations, and references.;10;Total;100


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