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Question;1. Justify the need for market research.a. Define the marketing situation.b. What is the problem that will be researched?2. Define the research objective: What is your hypothesis?3. Identify data needs: How will the research be structured?4. Identify data sources, and choose an appropriate research design (andmethod).a. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the basic methods forcollecting primary data, and recommend a methodology for thestudy.b. Understand and discuss the advantages and disadvantages ofusing secondary sources to gather relevant data about theissue(s).5. Define the population that will be targeted for primary research.a. Given a population and desired level of precision, recommend anoptimum sample size and method to gather the necessaryresearch data within budget and time constraints.6. Design the data collection instrument.a. Develop a marketing research questionnaire, including a copy asan addendum to your paper. You will turn in this phase of theassignment to your instructor in Week 4, and then you will makeany changes suggested and include it in the final project.7. Identify areas of ethical concern, and make recommendations for theappropriate behavior of respondents and users of marketing research.8. Recommended elements for the reporting should be developed withresults from the study to make sure that the findings are actionable.9. Also, think about next steps: Is there an appropriate next step for thestudy?Your paper should follow APA formatting for citations and should be wellorganized and well written.


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