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Question;MK150 Marketing;Marketing Plan and Presentation;Introduction;As a;project in this course, you will complete a written Marketing Plan and an;accompanying Power Point presentation. This will;allow you to apply the concepts that we will be learning in the course. The;marketing plan can be based on a product or service of your choosing, and you;will create a fictitious company to market it.;Activities;A. Written Marketing Plan;Create;a marketing plan in APA format with the sections below. For more specifics on what to include in each section, refer to;the corresponding sections of the text. Remember that the purpose of this;project is to show that you can apply the course concepts. Be as thorough as;possible in each section. In addition to the sections below, your grade will;also be based on format, professionalism, and language. You should consult the;grading rubric for further details on how the plan will be scored.;1.;Title Page;2.;Table of Contents;3.;Introduction;Include a description of the company, the business mission statement, and an;overview of the major points in the marketing plan.;4.;Situation and SWOT Analysis;Analyze the environment that the product will be marketed in. Identify;strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Identify the firm?s;competitive advantage.;5.;Marketing Objectives;Use properly specified objectives to explain what is to be accomplished through;the marketing activities.;6.;Market Segmentation;Identify the basis for segmentation, and give a profile of each segment.;7.;Target Market Strategy;Identify and explain the target market(s) and the specific targeting strategy.;8.;Marketing Mix Strategy: Product;Describe all appropriate tangibles and intangibles. Discuss the product life;cycle.;9.;Marketing Mix Strategy;Distribution;Describe the marketing channels and channel strategy, supply chain management;from source to point of consumption, and retailing methods.;10.;Marketing Mix Strategy;Promotion;Include advertising types and media, public relations, sales promotions, and;personal selling.;11.;Marketing Mix Strategy: Price;Explain pricing objectives, strategies, and tactics, as well as the;determinants of price for the product.;12.;Implementation and Timeline;Describe the steps that will turn the plan into action (activity descriptions;timelines), and the benchmarks for success.;13.;References;Some of the information in your plan will have to be researched. Provide;APA-style references to that research both on a references page and with;internal citations.;B. Power;Point Presentation;Create a;Power Point presentation for your marketing plan. Design the presentation as if;you were going to use it to give a presentation to the class. Use the same;sections as you did for the written plan, except that the title page will;become a title slide, and the table of contents may be omitted. In most cases;the section names will become the titles on your slides. Some sections may be;one slide, and some sections may be a few slides.;The;Additional Learning Resources folder in Unit 2 has links to Power Point;tutorials and tips for making a professional presentation. The most important;of these tips are;?;Generally, text should be short;phrases that concisely describe the main points, rather than full sentences.;Important sentences like the business mission statement could be an exception.;?;Use charts, graphs, and tables when;they are better at communicating an idea than text would be.;?;Presentations should have a consistent;feel throughout. For example, it is best to stick with one background for the;entire presentation.;?;Choose professional colors, fonts, styles;and graphics.;?;A limited number of transitions or;animations can add interest, however, avoid distracting elements such as spinning transitions, sound effects, loud colors, and slow;animations.;?;Graphics should be meaningful and;professional. Don?t put an unrelated clip art on a slide just to fill up space.;Your;presentation will be graded on content, organization, use of visuals and other;design elements, professionalism, and language.;PAPER FORMATTING GUIDELINES;?;Double-space;?;12;point font;?;Times;New Roman;?;APA;Title page required;?;APA;Reference page required;Follow the;guidelines for research paper format provided in your textbook and your APA;reference guide.;GRADING;RUBRIC: Please access the attached rubric to see how;your final paper and presentation will be graded.


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