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Question;Discussion 1: Sales Promotion" Please respond to the following;Select two (2) main tools of sales promotion (e.g., sampling and couponing).;Suggest one (1) strategy for using each tool in global markets. Provide a;rationale to support your suggestion.;Determine two (2) issues or problems that can arise in markets in different;countries when doing sales promotion. Next, suggest the manner in which you;would mitigate the issues or problems you determined. Provide a rationale to;support your suggestion.Discussion 2:Digital Marketing / Four Seasons Hotel" Please respond to the following;From the e-Activity, recommend to the Four Season Hotel one (1) strategy;that integrates digital media to improve its marketing efforts. Provide a;rationale to support your recommendation.;From the e-Activity, Ms. Helstab said. ?We've taken a leading position in;creating different kinds of engagement opportunities." Assess the degree to;which the main types of engagement opportunities based on the available digital;opportunities would help the Four Season Hotel to engender business success.


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