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Consumers are only willing to spend their money on something




Question;Consumers;are only willing to spend their money on something that they perceive has;value. Value refers to the benefits a consumer anticipates receiving from a;product or service. These benefits may be functional benefits (specific;to the product design), or emotional benefits (associated with how one;feels when experiencing the product/service).;In this;discussion you will share a purchase decision you made recently and discuss the;value you perceived in the product/service purchased.;What benefits did you;anticipate receiving from the product or service?How did the anticipated;benefits compare to the actual benefits received?Please share at least two;functional benefits and at least two emotional benefits from the;product/service.In you reply posts, discuss;the functional and emotional benefits you would expect from the;product/service discussed in your classmates initial post. How do your;expectations differ from your classmates?


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