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MKT505 week 5 and 6 discussions




Question;WEEK;5 DQ 1;Interactive;Activity: Global Business Today" Please respond to the following;?;From the e-Activity, recommend;a more efficient path for Azure Sky Tea company to import the raw tea from the;Indian Super-port of Halida into the U.S. Provide a rationale for your;recommendation.;?;From the e-Activity, make a;recommendation for each step of the transaction geared toward accelerating the;trade financing process. Provide a rationale for your recommendation.;(e-Activity);DQ 2;Licensing;and Market Entries" Please respond to the following;?;Compare and contrast the main;advantages and disadvantages of using licensing as a market entry tool. To;support your determination, provide at least two (2) examples of companies from;different countries that use licensing as a global marketing strategy.;?;Analyze the fundamental ways in;which keiretsu affects companies that either compete with Japan or that are;trying to enter the Japanese market. Include example(s) to support your;analysis.;WEEK;6;(e-Activity);?;Go to the Interbrand Website;located at;and make a list on the top 13 best global brands. Be prepared to discuss.;?;Use the Internet or the Strayer;Library to research articles on local, international, and global brands. Be;prepared to discuss.;?;View the PowerPoint;presentation, titled ?Global Pricing?, located at;or use the Internet or the Strayer Library to research articles on a global;company, taking note of its pricing strategy. Be prepared to discuss.;DQ 1;Global;Brands" Please respond to the following;?;Each year, the interbrand;consultancy compiles a ranking of global brands. From the first e-Activity;compare the top 13 best global brands to the top 13 best global brands for;2010, which are shown in Table 10-2 of your textbook. Select one (1) brand that;interests you, and speculate on the main reasons why the rank of this brand you;selected changed or did not change.;From the second e-Activity, select one (1) local brand, one (1);international brand, and one global brand. Compare and contrast the key;differences of the products of the three (3) brands you selected, and give your;opinion on why they are categorized as local, international, and global.;DQ 2;Pricing;Strategies/Dumping" Please respond to the following;?;Suggest three (3) of the most;effective types of pricing strategies and objectives available to global;marketers. Provide an example or a scenario of the manner in which each pricing;strategy is best used.;From the third e-Activity, analyze the key reasons why the;global company that you chose uses the pricing strategy you identified. Suggest;another type of pricing strategy that is more feasible and / or efficient for;this company. Provide a rationale to support your suggestion.


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