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Question;is a measure of the;percentage of people in the target market who are exposed to the media vehicle;at least once during a given time period.Select one:A. ReachB. FrequencyC.;ImpressionD. ExposureE. Gross;ratingQuestion;textWhich of;the following is the type of advertising that the media run free of charge?Select;one:A. product;advertisementsB. advocacy;advertisementsC. public service advertisementsD. institutional;advertisementsE. local;advertisementsWhich of;the following modes of transportation would most likely be used to quickly haul;lettuce from California, where it was grown, to markets in Nevada?Select;one:A. trucksB. railroadsC. airD. pipelineE. waterRetailers handle the financial;exchange when a customer pays for a product. This is an example of the;function of channel intermediaries.Select one:A.;communicationB. marketingC.;promotionalD. transactionE.;managementWhich of;the following should be the first step in distribution;planning?Select;one:A.;identifying the channel leaderB.;determining a distribution budgetC. developing distribution;objectivesD.;evaluating the internal and external environmentsE.;determining the desired level of distribution intensityA;skimming price strategy would likely be most effective in selling which of the;following?Select;one:A. any;convenience itemB. an electronic device which;involved a great deal of research and development to bring to marketC. shampoo;and bath soapD. anything;easily copied by competitorsE. most;items at EDLP retailers such as WalmartPrice fixing occurs when two or;more companies conspire to ________.Select one:A. keep prices at a certain levelB. use;predatory pricingC. use;loss-leader pricingD. use;bait-and-switch tacticsE. prohibit;competitors from entering a marketLimited-service merchant;wholesalers are less likely than full-service merchant wholesalers to do which;of the following?Select one:A. set the;prices of the merchandise they sellB. take;title to the merchandise they sellC. suffer;financial losses if the merchandise they sell is damaged or stolenD. offer marketing assistance or;delivery for the products they sellE. use their;own sales forceWhich of;the following statements about store layout is NOT true?Select;one:A. A grid;layout is more conducive to browsing than a free-flow layout.B. In a;typical grid layout, staples are placed in more remote areas.C. Store;layout is an element of atmospherics.D. A grid;layout is useful for systematically moving shoppers through the retail space.E. A free-flow layout is most often;found in specialty stores and department stores.Vitamin;drinks are in the growth stage of their product life cycle. This means that;promotion for vitamin drinks most likely focuses on ________.Select;one:A.;encouraging trial through sales promotionB. creating;public awareness through public relationsC.;encouraging customers to switch brands through sales promotionD. stressing product benefits;through advertisingE. using;competitive-parity strategiesWhich of the following is NOT a;true statement about conventional marketing systems?Select one:A.;Conventional marketing systems are multilevel distribution channels.B. Most conventional marketing;systems are highly successful.C. Members;of conventional marketing systems work independently of one another.D. Members;of conventional marketing systems do not work toward the same broad goals.E.;Relationships between members of conventional marketing systems are limited to;simply buying and selling from one another.A product has three distinct;layers. The second layer is the ________, which is the physical good or delivered;service.Select one:A. actual productB.;augmented productC. core;productD.;innovationE. brand Select;one:A. idea generationB. problem;recognitionC. business;analysisD.;positioning strategyE. product;adoptionA local restaurant sells lunch;entrees for $7.95, $9.95, and $11.95. From this information, you can infer the;restaurant uses which of the following?Select one:A. price;discriminationB. odd;pricing and price liningC. dynamic pricing and price liningD.;reference pricing and value pricingE. dynamic;pricing and loss leader pricing;A(n). ________ territory;structure is used when the product line is technically complex in order to;provide customers more expertise in the products the company produces.Select one:A.;geographicB. productC. major;accountsD. industry;specializationE. virtualTimely topics and research;project stories are both types of ________.Select one:A.;advertising appealsB. advocacy;advertisingC. pufferyD. press releasesE. creative;strategies________ have unique;characteristics that are important to buyers at almost any price.Select one:A. Specialty productsB. StaplesC. Impulse;productsD. MRO productsE. Unsought;productsBurger King developed a new;french fry to compete with McDonald's fry--considered the world's best. Burger;King's specifications included that the crunch would last for seven or more;chews. The product failed because consumers did not like the fry as much as;McDonald's fry. Burger King did not ________ the idea for both technical and;commercial value.Select one:A. test;marketB.;advertiseC. screenD. promoteE. styleA television commercial for Post;Select cereal is an example of which of the following?Select one:A. product advertisingB.;institutional advertisingC. sales;promotionD. direct;sellingE. retail;advertisingOf the following, which sales job;requires the LEAST creative selling?Select one:A. order;getterB. order takerC. team;selling memberD.;new-business salespersonE.;missionary salespersonA company's total marketing;communications mix consists of a special blend of advertising, sales promotion;public relations, personal selling, and direct-marketing tools that the company;uses to communicate customer value and build customer relationships. This is;also called ________.Select one:A. direct;marketingB.;integrated marketingC.;competitive marketingD. the promotion mixE. target;marketingA florist;who decides to budget five percent of last year's sales for promotional;activities is using which of the following budgeting techniques?Select;one:A.;bottom-upB. objective-taskC.;competitive-parityD. percentage-of-salesE.;push-pullWhich of the following is NOT one;of the four main roles performed by marketing communication?Select one:A. to;informB. to entertainC. to;persuadeD. to;remindE. to build;relationshipsLaclede's Landing in downtown St.;Louis, Missouri, has been turned into a vibrant development with small shops;and restaurants. It has done a lot to reverse the fortunes of the aging area;near the river, including helping to increase foot traffic enough to support;entertainment areas and the opening of additional stores. This is an example of;which of the following?Select one:A. a lifestyle;centerB. a;festival marketplaceC. a;central trade areaD. an;overstored trade areaE. an understored trade areaEvery six months, Doug is asked;to fill out a survey which asks when he expects to buy a new vehicle and what;type and model he plans to purchase. Doug, along with a group of consumers with;similar buying habits, has been participating in this survey for the last eight;years. The gathering of this quantitative data is an example of descriptive;research using ________.Select one:A. a;hierarchical formatB. a;cross-sectional designC.;latitudinal trackingD. a longitudinal designE.;ethnographyThe first step in the business;buying decision process is ________.Select one:A. recognize the problemB. current;vendor analysisC. search;for informationD. select;the supplierE. evaluate;the alternativesWhich;generation was referred to as "busters" and was thought of as;slackers who are cynical about marketing?Select;one:A.;Generation YB. Generation X C. Baby;boomersD.;MillenialE.;Generation ICapital;Radio PLC, the UK's biggest commercial radio firm, announced in 2002 that it;would partner with Walt Disney Company to create a radio network for;English-speaking children under the age of sixteen. The new company created by;this agreement is an example of a(n). ________.Select;one:A. joint ventureB. tactical;allianceC. direct;investmentD. straight;extensionE. backward;inventionAirlines have developed;frequent-flyer programs to encourage passengers to use the same airlines;repeatedly. These programs and other similar ones use ________ segmentation to;target their markets.Select one:A.;demographicB. behavioralC.;geodemographicD.;organizationalE.;generationalWhich of the following is NOT an;example of a demographic segmentation variable?Select one:A. lifestyleB. income;and social classC.;ethnicityD. genderE. ageFranchising is a form of;Select one:A.;importingB. tactical;allianceC. licensingD. joint;ventureE. direct;investmentA service;offering that differentiates a firm from its competition and provides enhanced;value is referred to as a(n). ________.Select;one:A. core;serviceB. augmented serviceC.;environmental factorD.;operational factorE.;disintermediatorIn the;stage of marketing planning, marketers must determine how they want;consumers to think of their product in comparison to competing products.Select;one:A. develop;a mission statementB. perform;a situation analysisC. develop marketing strategiesD. develop;distribution strategiesE.;implement the planMagazines targeted to people who;love to in-line skate, to people who enjoy cooking, and to people who prefer a;simpler lifestyle use ________ segmentation variables.Select one:A.;demographicB.;ethnographicC. geodemographicD.;socioeconomicE. psychographicA company that makes unfounded;claims about the environmental impact of its products is most likely to be;accused of ________.Select one:A.;environmental stewardshipB.;violating the Kyoto ProtocolC. greenwashingD.;consumerismE.;environmentalismWhich of the following is a;primary data collection method that relies on nonhuman devices to record;consumer behavior?Select one:A. mechanical observationB. mall;interceptsC.;ethnographyD.;unobtrusive measurementE. case;studiesAction plans are often referred;to as ________.Select one:A.;marketing mixesB. marketing programsC. ROMI;measuresD.;marketing metricsE.;promotional strategiesThe market for two-way radios is;disappearing. A company with a small share of the two-way radio market would be;considered a ________ in terms of the BCG growth-market share matrix.Select one:A. problem;childB. dogC. cash cowD. starE. question;markWhen a firm offers one or more;products to a single segment, it is using a ________ strategy.Select one:A.;fragmentedB.;homogeneousC. custom;marketingD. mass;customizationE. concentrated targetingJuana;looked at her September issue of O magazine and did not see anything of;interest. However, after her mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Juana;found the issue extremely interesting because it offered advice on how to help;people who are suffering from this problem. The fact that the boring issue;became quite interesting is most directly due to a change in Juana's ________.Select;one:A. exposureB. cultural;valuesC. attentionD.;personalityE.;self-conceptThe phenomenon of;includes consumers creating their own ads and buying and selling products on;eBay.Select one:A.;production orientationB. the;triple bottom line orientationC. consumer-generated valueD. socially;responsible marketingE. the;marketing conceptDuring one day researchers;counted the number of out-of-state cars parked in an outlet mall parking lot at;10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The gathering of this quantitative data is an example of;descriptive research using ________.Select one:A. a;hierarchical formatB. a cross-sectional designC.;latitudinal trackingD. a;longitudinal designE.;ethnographyA marketing manager would most;likely use which of the following to find out how many consumers stay with his;brand and how many switch, and thus project market shares over time?Select;one: A. modeling;softwareB. syndicated researchC.;cross-sectional researchD.;exploratory researchE. competitive;intelligenceConsumed;consumers are people who ________.Select;one:A. have;been "fired" as customersB. are;manipulated by social marketing techniquesC.;experience consumer addictionD.;participate in social networkingE. become commodities themselvesA firm's;decisions when selling in a foreign market are straight extension;adaptation, and invention.Select;one:A.;advertisingB. productC. brandD. marketing;mixE.;distributionA service;firm communicating exactly what the customer can expect and what will happen if;the company does not deliver on its promises will eliminate the gap between;Select;one:A. established quality standards;and service deliveryB.;established delivery standards and management perceptionsC. service;quality standards and consumer expectationsD. consumer;expectations and management perceptionsE. needed;service and expected serviceRobert has taken up bicycle;riding as a hobby and as a way to maintain his physical stamina. He understands;he will need to make sure he gets adequate water when he is bike riding. He;wants to buy a hydration system. Having gathered a great deal of information;he has decided to compare three systems: Waterbags for Roadies, Supertanker;Hydropacks, and Fast Water. Robert is in the ________ stage of his purchase;decision.Select one:A. problem;recognitionB. evaluation of alternativesC. product;choiceD.;postpurchase evaluationE.;information choiceWhich of the following groups;currently oversees the development and maintenance of standards to protect the;privacy of Internet users?Select one:A. U.S.;Department of JusticeB.;Interstate Commerce CommissionC. Federal;Communications CommissionD. Federal Trade CommissionE. Internet;industry;="msonormal">


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