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Question;Discussion 1:"Global Retailing" Please respond to the following;Identify two (2) different forms of retailing discussed in this;week?s lectures, and provide an example of each. Next, select two (2);popular retailers from two (2) different countries, and discuss the;manner in which they successfully deploy their retail strategy to;achieve business success. Justify your answer.Compare and contrast the key differences between typical channel;structures for consumer products and industrial products. Provide an;example or scenario of the basic ways in which each channel structure is;clearly used.Discussion 2:Euromonitor" Please respond to the following: (Denmark and Norway are the two countries)From the e-Activity, compare and contrast the differences between;the mobile phone development in these two (2) countries with regard to;the trends, competitive landscapes, prospects, and sample report.;Justify your responses.Debate it! ?Standardized versus localized? applies to advertising. Support your rationale.


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